How To Choose A Kids GPS Tracking Watch: Key Features

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There are lots of accessories available for kids these days – and lots of them come with great practical and safety functionality on top of simply being fun. One of these accessories is a GPS Kids Watch. This simple gadget looks like a standard watch for children – light, colorful and easy-to-use, but comes with lots of safety features.

A kids phone watch or GPS tracker lets parents stay in touch with their children as well as know where they are at any time – all with no need of a smartphone.

What features do most GPS tracker watches have and which ones matter most? This is what this post is about.


GPS Tracking

This one comes without staying. Make sure the watch you are getting comes with accurate GPS tracking and will let you know the precise location of your child at any time. Some watches even offer a mix of positioning modes: GPS + LBS + Wi-Fi.

Digital Fence

A really nice GPS related feature that some tracking watches come with is Digital Fence. This function lets you set territorial borders – and once your child crosses one, you will be instantly notified. So, if you want your child to go straight home from school avoiding detours – Digital Fence will make sure that all is according to plan.


A Kids GPS Tracker Watch With Digital Fence + Wireless Charging Station

Phone Function

Most tracker watches are mini phones as well – the differences are only in the details. Some allow two-way calling: this means that both the parent can call the watch and the child can call a number from the watch. Calling from the watch is usually done through shortcuts: you can set key numbers (typically, three, that your child will be able to dial with just one press of a button. This can be home number, police, fire department, emergency service, etc.When it comes to receiving calls, this would usually involve creating a “white list” – a list of numbers that will be allowed to call your child’s phone watch.

When it comes to receiving calls, this would usually involve creating a “white list” – a list of numbers that will be allowed to call your child’s phone watch.

SOS Button

SOS Button lets your child immediately dial a preset number should there be any trouble. This can be the number of the local police station, fire department or a parent and is there for your child’s safety in emergency situations.

Speaker and Microphone

Watched that can make and receive calls surely come with built-in microphones and speakers. A nice extra feature to have is when the watch allows you to turn on the microphone and listen in on what’s happening if you see that your child has tracked off course or is in a strange neighborhood.


A sedentary lifestyle is a big threat to our health these days. A nice extra feature to have on a kids GPS tracking watch is a Pedometer. In addition to all the safety features, it will let you see clearly if your child is getting enough exercise throughout the day and take measures.

Anti Take-off Alert

If your child or anyone else attempts to take the watch off – you will be instantly alerted. This useful feature will make sure that the watch doesn’t get left behind or taken off on purpose.

Battery Life

Last, but definitely not least, make sure the GPS tracking device for your child comes with a decent battery life. A 300mAh battery will offer about 72 hours on standby, while a 550mAh battery will guarantee a whopping 10 days. Some watches come with wireless charging stations – a great way for your child to learn hot to charge the gadget independently without dealing with electricity.Make sure to remember to recharge the watch in a timely manner – no matter how large of a battery capacity it comes with.


GPS Tracker Watch with Wireless Charging Station

Pick a kids GPS watch here. Lots of colors, styles and feature combos.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.2.2016. | 22:10
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