What Is A Laser Rangefinder?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.2.2016. | 17:01

You may have come across a gadget by this name in a number of online shops or tech blogs. But what exactly is a laser rangefinder and do you need one? These are the two questions we aim to answer in this port.

So, what is a laser rangefinder?


600m Laser Rangefinder

Quite simply, a laser rangefinder is a rangefinder that uses a laser beam to determined the distance to an object. So, instead of running around with measuring tapes, you will just point the laser rangefinder at the object the distance to which you’d like to know – and there it will be displayed on the rangefinders’ mini screen or be visible through the viewer. Many of these can also tell you the angle between different points as well letting you know if there is a gradient between two points.

When would I use a laser rangefinder?

Because of the gadget’s compact size, ease of use and convenience, it comes with a number of applications. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Construction, renovation, real estate

A laser rangefinder is first and foremost a measuring tool – and these are of great use when constructing buildings or doing repair works. So, whether you are in some way involved in real estate or are in the middle of a renovation project, this handy tool can save you lots of time and effort by efficiently and accurately making the needed measurement – while you won’t even have to move an inch.

  • Sports: golf, archery and more

A laser rangefinder is a common tool used by golfers. Lots of things can contribute to poor visibility on the golf course – rain, morning mist, high level of humidity, etc. With a laser rangefinder, a golfer can make accurate distance measurements to the needed target and thus make a calculated move. Knowing how far away bunkers or other hazards are can help you make the right choice in clubs and shots, which is sure to improve you round.  The gadget can be of similar help in other sports where distance is a key factor such as archery and shooting.


  • Military and Hunting

Professional laser rangefinders are actively used in the military. They are usually capable of measuring a distance of more than 25 km and are installed on a tripod or vehicle. The most state-of-the-art models come with computer integration. But even if your not in the military a laser rangefinder is a great way to help hone your skills and improve accuracy, just take a look at this video below.

There are many more applications for the gadget. In any instance when a relatively large distance between objects needs to be measured, it’s the tool that can help you do that quickly, accurately, efficiently and with no hassle!

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.2.2016. | 17:01
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