Seven Ways to Enhance Your Mobile Marketing E-Commerce in 2016

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.1.2016. | 10:53

As consumers become increasingly mobile-centric, business providers are powering great strategies with e-commerce. The consumer’s purchasing decisions will always come first, and the modern economy has opened more than a few avenues for innovative decision makers.

Online customers are exceedingly loyal, and they offer incredible insight to strategies, market approaches and new offers. If you haven’t yet, check out the big-game strategies mobile marketers are using in 2016 to empower their e-commerce platforms:

One: Personalize with Trusted Recommendations

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Online shoppers can’t touch the products. They can’t try on clothing, and they can’t judge an option by its weight, size or quality. E-commerce, however, holds a unique tool mobile marketers can invoke to ensure the customer “trusts” the product: recommendations.


Often, product pricing, user-friendly interfaces and a totally personalized experience can encourage customers to check out their digital shopping carts. Trusted recommendations, however, increase the consumer’s total trust. Recommend products based upon previous purchases, and offer a section for similar purchases by “others who’ve used this product.” Quality recommendations by like-minded users are great replacements for the brick-and-mortar experience.

Two: Prioritize Your Call-to-Action Buttons

Your “buy now” buttons should be immediately available, and they should be located on your web page’s most-visited sections. Clear order, download and contact buttons should similarly lead consumers away from bounce-heavy locations, like the homepage or contact page. Don’t direct the customer away from purchase completion.’s E-commerce tips article suggests loading call-to-action buttons within the first 600 pixels of the accommodating page. Why? Because clear end results should be determinable at every angle.

Three: Use Contextual Marketing


Contextual marketing, data-driven marketing utilizing consumer behavior context and profiles to offer personalized content, should be at your mobile marketing platform’s core. In doing so, you’ll nurture prospects, boost relationships and increase your e-commerce platform’s overall sales.


Fortunately, mobile platforms offer incredible contextual marketing flexibility. Consumers spend 15 hours, weekly, on mobile research. They also allot 7.3 hours per week to mobile web time. The consumer is tapping away on their smartphone, and you can gather their behavior to enhance the e-commerce experience. Use contextual behavior to drive recommended products, and reveal sales centric to buyer personas.

Four: Use Google AdWords Keywords Planner Tool

In 2016, e-commerce will receive a boost from Google’s AdWords program. Mobile web access is growing, and keyword relevancy is becoming increasingly important—especially for mobile marketers.

Mobile searches are brief. Consumers won’t spend the time typing out full sentences. They’ll use keywords because the smartphone’s screen is small. Google AdWords Keywords Planner Tool assists marketers by identifying long tail keywords relevant to your products. It can also help you “mobilize” your keyword platform to better identify mobile queries.


Five: Craft an SEO-Friendly URL Structure


URL structure, particularly on mobile platforms, is a website’s foundation. Don’t undervalue high-quality URL structures, and don’t neglect your website’s visibility. Hire a developer to craft a sitemap for your E-commerce platform, and mold your URL structure around mobile viewers. Mobile search engines need to understand your website index, so make sure your URL structure’s SEO core puts mobile user search behavior first.

Six: Know the Big Buying Days, and Plan Accordingly

In the past, it was easy to plan the big buying days of e-commerce. Super Saturday, Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Christmas used to rule the world. Big buying days are getting bigger, however, and mobile marketers are urged to plan well in advance for mobile purchases.


As a mobile e-commerce provider, you need to redirect your strategies away from the global economy. That’s right, consumers have become more localized. In fact, covered last year’s e-commerce trends for future use, recording the customer’s ability to “pull” products into new areas, building market diversity. Because location-based services are incredibly popular, big buying days are hitting mobile platforms hard. Use location-based services to power your e-commerce platform, and take advantage of the market’s natural movements.

Seven: Create a Same-Day, In-Store Pick-Up Platform


Same Day services have failed before, but 2016 will breathe new life into them. Now, retailers are focusing on the in-store experience to provoke online buys. Really, the modern brick-and-mortar location is a showroom. E-commerce is the check-out aisle.


Because of the shift, another trend has sprouted. Consumers are browsing online before landing purchases in-store. Same-day pick-up, now, is incredibly relevant. Get your pick-up center ready, and streamline your online services to make the process quick and easy. Similarly, implement a mobile loyalty program to increase buyer retention.


This Guest Post was written by Sophorn Chhay, an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s mass text messaging automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

You can click here to read more guest posts or visit our submit a guest post page to see how you can contribute and share an article through our site.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.1.2016. | 10:53
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