How remote DBA services protect your database against cyber terrorism

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.1.2016. | 15:51

Cyber security is a very important issue now that internet technology is available to every corner of the planet. Internet technology has completely revolutionized how people do things. People are shopping online more than ever. Booking of hotels and flights, buying cars and meeting new people is so much easier now with internet technology. However, with the innumerable benefits of the worldwide web, there are so many demerits. Children are addicted to internet and especially so, teenagers. This is a minor issue when compared to other bigger issues like cyber terrorism.




Corporations have lost millions of dollars to cyber terrorists. In a bid to curb the mounting cases of internet insecurity, governments across the globe have set up laws to control it. Cyber terrorism can take one of so many forms. There are those guys who hack into other people’s accounts just for the fun of tarnishing reputations. There are others who are in it for the money- they will do just about anything to make that money and if that includes hacking into your business’ database, then they will do it.

Setting up your database

Creating a database is not all that difficult nowadays. Businesses are waking up to the realization that data is a very important asset. Therefore, they are setting up databases and other data storage facilities more frequently. It is important to have a good database and if you are able to set up a data warehouse, then you should go for it. Managing big data is not exactly the easiest of tasks and one of the issues that have to be addressed is security.

Databases have to be protected from a whole lot of things. For starters, you should protect your business’ data from unauthorized access. People should not be able to access your data anytime they want to.   Permission   needs to be given.

The database should also be protected from destruction of its content. Deleting content from a database should not be an instant thing. Even the people with access to your database should not have permission to delete the content from it. This is of course unless they are the database administrators and they have spotted content that is deemed to be irrelevant or corrupted.

Now that the issue of a database administrator has come up, you should be ready to get a database administrator who will keep a close eye on your databases. There are two ways that you can go about this, you can hire an in-house DBA or you can go for the companies providing these services. It is not difficult to find excellent DBA services nowadays. There are so many companies that provide these amazing services.

Biggest risks to your database in 2015

Before discussing how a remote DBA service provider is going to help you, it is worth pointing out one or two cyber security risks. One that has business owners shuddering in fear is ransomware. This is one of the worst cyber attacks that have seen several businesses including major corporations losing billions. The workings of Ransomware are rather simple. The attacker sends you an email with a link which when you follow sends out a virus that will spread to your database. This virus encrypts all your content and you have to get the passkey to decrypt your data.

Ransomware prevents you from accessing your data until you get that passkey. In order for you to get that passkey, you will have to part with a significant amount of money. Making the payment is not a guarantee that you will get the password anyway.

This is why you need to get DBA expert servicesto protect your content. The risks are so many in 2015 and definitely 2016 is going to bring a host of other issues as well. With DBA (database administration) services, you are guaranteed that your database will have better protection against such threats.

What will DBA services do for you?

To improve the security of your database, the DBA services are going to come in handy in several ways.

  1. Corrupt files are identified

In the event that there is corrupted data that has been added to your database, the administrator is going to note it. Data that has been corrupted can have a negative effect on your database and its contents.

  1. Unauthorized entry will be recognized

As aforementioned, people should not be walking in and out of your database as they wish. This is where a DBA comes in handy. They will be able to note when someone is trying to access your content without permissions.

  1. Setting up backups

With a backup for your database, you will always be good. However, you need someone who will be monitoring your database and the backups. The DBA will get that done for you. Therefore, in case you lose data, whether by mistake or because of a cyber attack, then you can always have it retrieved from the backup system.

Remote DBA services

When you hire remote DBA services, you are assured that you will always have someone monitoring your databases. You do not want to go to work after the weekend, only to find that your system has been hacked into. Now that would be extremely annoying. With remote DBA expert service, there will always be someone available to check your site.

Remote DBA companies make work so much easier for people. Basically, this is an external company that will help you with the database administration work. The work of the company is to maintain the security and health of the database. The companies have someone watching over the database at every given moment. It does not matter whether it is a weekend or a public holiday. The same cannot be said about your in-house DBA.


The bottom line is, there are so many risks that threaten the security of your database. However, in a bid to make sure that it is protected at all times, getting a remote DBA expert service provider is the best way to go. This means that you will have threats being identified early enough before they cause extensive damage to your database.

This tech article was submitted by Sujain Thomas, If you would like to contribute to our blog site then visit our Submit a guest post page for more information.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.1.2016. | 15:51
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    Very nice Sujain. Cyber terror has now a day’s increased on a large scale. When it comes to business points you should select best remote dba services provider for your database. You should also take care they are ready to help you in any case. I always feel fascinating to read on cyber security. You article is really helpful to everyone as you have mentioned 3 crucial points of dba services to become handy.Great!

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