How to Be a Smart Parent: Internet Safety

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.1.2016. | 10:36

It is no secret that all parents want to keep their kids safe. But, trouble may be waiting around the corner with the next website you visit. With today’s kids spending more time online, parents should be smart about finding ways of keeping their kids safe. And, with the numerous benefits that the information highway (also known as the Internet) may have on their development, parents will want to utilize it in the best possible way. With this in mind, setting up some rules and providing them with some great content should be at the top of your priority list. And, in doing so, parents will definitely ensure their child is safe and has a healthy cyber experience.


Join In

Enjoying cyberspace with your kids is a great way of keeping them safe. Parents get a chance to have fun with their kids but can also monitor their activity. This is the perfect way of indirectly controlling their online whereabouts. Not only that, but kids will get used to the idea of spending screen time together and associate it with fun. After this, parents will have the chance to influence the content and expose their children to the right material. And, with everyone enjoying each other’s company, kids will want to include parents into their world while parents can directly steer their children out of harm’s way.


Be Smart (Phone) about It

Providing children with access to smartphones and tablets can be another way that parents can help in their kids’ education. Besides providing a change in scenery, certain apps created with children in mind are fun and interactive, but (most importantly) also a safe way for your child to learn online. By installing the best learning apps, and teaching children the proper way of using them, you will always stay on top of your child’s online whereabouts. In addition to this, kids will admire your confidence in them and become accustomed to the advancements of today’s technology early on.


Educational Gaming

Online games provide ample content for kids. With colorful, entertaining, but also engaging material, it proves to be crucial for their education and development. Your children will unknowingly engage their cognitive resources, language, and logic skills by playing traditional games such as online Sudoku games, crossword puzzles, or memory games. And, because most of these games are interactive and time-based, they affect different areas of the brain. Therefore, a child who plays Sudoku games, for example, can develop valuable skills like quick thinking, pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, and decision-making. Additionally, they provide a way for parents to participate in their child’s online activity. And, with a parent around, internet safety is guaranteed.


Set up Some Rules

Setting up rules will ensure that your children can take care of themselves on the Internet. Implementing rules will teach children about the dangers that lurk online. Educate them about how giving out personal information can harm them and to always check with you first if anyone asks for private information. Also, tell them to treat other people online as they would in real life. This will ensure they don’t develop an online split personality. And, if they are sharing the computer, they should never invade other users’ content. Most of all, whatever rules you enforce, you should always treat your kids with respect and explain the logic behind your guidelines to them. This will ensure that they follow the boundaries you set, even when you are not around.


Set the Limit

Although cyberspace provides numerous benefits to your kid’s development, parents must limit their children’s screen time. Limiting the time spent in front of the screen, be it a computer or TV, will guarantee healthier development for every child. It will reduce the risk of issues with muscle development, posture, and eyesight. Also, this will add variety to their everyday routine. They will have more time to play, exercise, read, and develop other areas of their personality. And, if parents limit their kids’ screen time, they reduce the chance of them getting bored and searching for other content by themselves.

In the end, all it takes is a little bit of patience and bit of wit. By implementing rules that kids will follow and providing them with great educational material, they will have a fun and safe online experience. In doing so, parents can now sleep soundly; it’s relaxing to know your children are safe, even online. There are also numerous online security controls that give parental control for smartphones and internet access that could be worth checking out.


This guest post was written by Tracey Clayton, a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate about writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.1.2016. | 10:36
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  1. Iram Tanveer (@iramtanveer786) January 14, 00:04

    Nice way to control what ur children saw on internet. Its a best way to see that whats ur child watch on internet. Good Work. Keep it up

  2. Abigail Fernandez Songco January 17, 11:40

    i’m a mom of two and with the fast growing techs out there they are both curious about it. now, as a parent strict guidance and mentoring are always a must. the apps used should be taken to consideration, thank you for this article it helped a lot!

  3. nickie January 19, 05:43

    This is some great tips. I often try to come up with safe internet viewing guidelines. It’s difficult to balance the entertainment and educational time with the internet

  4. Brigitte Groesbeek January 24, 03:28

    As a parent, I to do find it very important to keep up with all that could be harmful for my little one. Thanks for the article and tips, greatly appreciated. It’s good to know I’m not the only parent that’s closely monitoring my kid’s cyber experience.

  5. Brigitte Groesbeek January 28, 05:15

    I’m a mother and also very cautious with my kid’s cyber experience. I’m always close by so I can monitor what’s going on. Thanks for the tips, great article.

  6. LAVal January 28, 10:59

    There’s a lot of dangers towards gaming, social networking and just purely unattended internet use. Children should be taught well of how to use it properly! This is a good post. Merci

  7. debbie January 30, 17:58

    So many parents or caregivers think their kiddies are smart and understand stranger danger. Sadly they’re children and the internet seems interesting and exciting. A lot of very useful information her so thank you for that in the hope people will read and keep their children and tech stuff safe

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