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Wearable technology has come a long way and it looks like this is the next big thing. We are seeing some really wonderful gadgets coming up every single day and there is a lot we are yet to see. Just a few years ago smart-phones seemed like the best thing that ever happened to mankind but wearable technology is making them look like a thing of the past. This looks like an idea that is borrowed from a movie and many are still finding it hard to believe. Here are some of the companies that made this dream a reality.




This is probably the most popular brand for wearable technologies. Having worn a fitbit flex for over two weeks, I can tell you that this company will not disappoint you. The device tracks steps perfectly and helped me improve my sleeping habits. It helped me realize how inactive I was. If fitness is what you are looking for then fitbit has you covered. It will help you eat smart and move more which will eventually make you weigh less.


This was one of the pioneers of wearable technology and I thought I should give it a try. What really makes them stand out is features and design. If you want to put on a wearable while still looking fashionable then Jawbone suits you. The Jawbone UP3 is the best gadget from Jawbone in my opinion. I also found that the battery life is really awesome in all their gadgets.


You cannot leave Sony out when talking about technology. The company has made a name for itself and their wearable technology is nothing short of amazing. My experience with the Smartband was simply awesome. It weighs almost nothing and is fully submersible in water. The performance has not been left behind. It calculates steps, walking and running time and the calories burned.


This is probably the first name that comes to your mind when you hear about technology. Apple has maintained its position as the leading company in production of smartphones and they are doing the same in the wearable technology market. The Apple Watch is my most favorite smartwatch so far and for a good reason. Design, battery life and activity tracking are all top notch. If you love Siri then you will have a wonderful experience


Google is known for being the best search engine out there. The company also ventured into wearable technology and it has done a wonderful job. Google Glass is a perfect example of what new technology can do. Wearing the Google Glass made me feel like I was a character in a science fiction movie. Snapping photos without using my hands was an awesome experience. The only downside was when everyone thought I was filming them.



This is another technology giant that has never disappointed us so far. The Samsung Gear S2 is a smartwatch that really fascinated me. It is a device that does a lot. Unlike most other android smartwatches, the Samsung Gear 2 comes in a small 1.2 inch display. Functionality has not been left behind and having the Gear 2 felt like carrying a small computer on my wrist. Just like in their smartphones, Samsung has put a great display on their smartwatches too.


A company known for making computer chips, Intel has not been left behind in the race of wearable technology. The ProGlove utilizes the fact that most duties will always rely on the human hand. The smart glove lets you integrate several steps and devices into one perfectly. It also gives you detailed information that can be used by the management.

Ralph Lauren

The PoloTech smart shirt is simply an art of brilliance. It tracks your heart rate and the intensity of your workouts in order to enhance your performance as an athlete. Going for a workout while wearing the PoloTech felt like having a personal trainer with me, minus the expense of course. Style has also not been compromised and the shirt fit me perfectly.


Nike has been dominant in the production of sportswear and it seems we shall have to start adding the word smart before its products. Nike Fuelband is one of the small ones, at some point I actually forgot that I was wearing it. You can sync data via your smartphone and even desktop. I found the “NikeFuel” system very unique and fascinating since it allows you to connect with other Fuelband users and compare your activity levels. This becomes a motivating factor for you to push beyond your limits.


These companies and many others not here are doing a great job bringing the future to the present. The competition has started to build just like in the production of smartphones and that will only bring more benefits to the users, probably at a more affordable price. Wearable technology is only getting started and I am sure the future has mind blowing devices for us. Keep looking how new technology and the Internet of Things is doing and you will definitely find awesome gadgets.



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.1.2016. | 17:58
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