What Are Kodi Repositories And How To Use Them

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A popular addition to most Android TV boxes, Kodi a great media player with loads of free content options. In addition to being easy-to-use, intuitive and free, Kodi comes with lots of great add-ons. In this quick post, we take a look at where to find them and how Kodi add-ons are organized.

What are Kodi repositories?

Kodi’s add-ons are kept in containers known as repositories or repos, for short.

Kodi repositories can be downloaded in the form of zip files – and once they are, you will be getting a whole collection of Kodi add-ons with automatic updates when they are released.

Which repository to download?

There are quite a few of Kodi repositories available, all giving you access to slightly different add-on collections. However, some are significantly bigger than others and there are those that hold practically all the add-ons you might ever need in one spot.

SuperRepo and XunityTalk’s Xfinity are two of the biggest ones available and each offer an extensive add-on collection. All the add-ons are conveniently categorized and you won’t have to spend hours looking for individual items on the web.


The SuperRepo repository gives you access to over 2, 400 add-ons, plus a nice set of skins to change the look of Kodi, should you get tired of the standard look. Despite the massive collection, all the add-ons are categorized, which makes browsing through them really easy. What’s more, SuperRepo helps you create Bundles – folders with your own favourite add-ons. Another smart feature is that SuperRepo will remember if some of the add-ons is not compatible with your version of Kodi and automatically remove them from the list.


XunityTalk is another option with an extensive add-on collection. Here you may find some of the add-ons that do not appear in SuperRepo (and vice versa). You can also find IStream in XunityTalk. IStream is an alternative method for looking for add-on content, letting you search multiple websites.

Besides the two big repositories, you may also take a look at Bluecop, Canada On Demand, Cocawe, T0mm0, Noobromm and others.

Not familiar with Kodi yet? Check out our step-by-step guide on using it here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.1.2016. | 15:16
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