When will Net Neutrality be Applied Throughout the World?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.12.2015. | 14:08

Technology is fast changing, especially in the communication sector and there must be a problem to solve to trigger any innovation. Communication was a problem about 70 years ago and due to the need of people to communicate around the world and quickly the Internet was developed. The Internet allows both global communication among people throughout the world as well as searching for any information. However access to all that the Internet could offer is restricted. Most people would wish to be granted all the privileges but due to Internet Service Provider’s best known reasons, restrictions are put in place. Net neutrality states that every Internet user should be allowed to access all the Internet resources without anything being blocked. Check out what would happen if net neutrality was applied throughout the world:



 Internet service providers will incur losses

Under normal circumstance, loading some pages on the Internet is very slow. Some of us may blame this on our computers but the truth, according to federal communication commission, is that some Internet service providers are using their unique position to their advantage.

They make the clients pay some amount of money to be able to get the web contents at a relatively high speed. For instance sites that provide critical content such as movies and books are the most affected. One of the net neutrality rules, no paying for favor, emphasizes stopping the Internet service providers from exploiting clients by forcing (encouraging ) them to pay extra to be able to speed up the loading of content on their sites. This is probably one of the ways internet service providers earn more profit from their work, but if net neutrality wins, this will revenue source be gone.


Clients will have access to maximum Internet content

Net neutrality is against the service providers blocking some content to the clients and also slowing down some sites. It very concerned with the client’s satisfaction as they navigate through the Internet sites. This way the client will be able to access all the Internet content they need at the same speed. The client will hence have the maximum satisfaction from the Internet services.


Maximum use of mobile phones

Smart phones are perhaps the most prevalent way of watching movies online, playing games and most importantly reading. Sony mobile is one of the smart phones that supports wearable technology and they recently announce a Smart-wear device where users of its platform can access data from it. If Net neutrality is applied throughout the world, the smart phones will be bought at a higher rate since people will be able to access all the content that is convenient with mobile phones and tablets. This is where Google gets to earn as much as it deserves.


Site content creators will be free of discrimination

Currently, the speed of loading up different web pages varies from one site to the other. This is because the Internet service providers have chosen some crucial sites for business. They make the most important sites slow and give an option for clients paying more for speedy access. Since most people won’t be able to access the site due to charges the content creators get demoralized due to this discrimination. Net neutrality helps in overcoming this kind of discrimination and treats all sites equally.


Improved business world

Business is all about gaining maximum profit from your product. Internet service providers are trying to do the same by implanting some prices on the most wanted sites. They fail to understand a principle of the marketing process that advocates for full satisfaction of the consumer for maximum value from that consumer in the long run. In the business world, marketing is the key thing for any successful business. With the new technology where one can reach out to people all over the world in the presence of good Internet, business is a dream come true and creates a level playing field. Net neutrality will enable the businesses to flourish through the advertisements that will be made effectively online through YouTube and many other platforms.



We all like freedom and independence, something ISPs might be denying the Internet users indirectly. I believe you can support me when I say; being denied the ability to access all the information over the Internet is denial of freedom. The internet is being used by the majority of people either through social media, advertising, entertainment or education. Even though we are restricted we still struggle with the few resources we are offered. Information is power and people should be given freedom to access whatever they want.


This guest post was submitted by Shawn Clark, a Content Writer, Communications Analyst has a specialized expertise in writing articles on technical stuff, for more than two years with interest on new trends in technology and gadgets for Fusecrunch and Wearabletechdigest. He is working as Communications Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.12.2015. | 14:08
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