Feature Phones – Why The Old is Still Gold!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.12.2015. | 16:57

Smartphones have changed our life, and they are helping us become smarter. But then these hand-held devices are making us lazy and possibly unproductive. They can be expensive to buy and maintain. Given all this, we can safely say that feature phones are still great and that these are more than suitable for many of us. With this article we are trying to cover the core benefits of feature phones and why they still rock!

Years ago, when the world was literally devoid of mobile phones, people were still connected. Well, not at the frequency and depth at they are today. Then came along feature phones with most of the important applications and systems which have totally changed the way we communicate. After feature phones along came Smartphones, and today we can enjoy advanced global communication from the palm of our hand, but is that always a good thing? Have you ever thought these helpful smartphones with their countless applications and features are actually making you idle, lazy and boring?


Feature Phones – Why The Old is Still Gold

The goodness of smartphones but with a pinch of salt

Smartphones are great because they are a world within; they come with a host of apps, which help our day to day life. But then these apps are making us reliant on technology like never before. We walk around and spend a vast amount of our day glued to their screens.

They are not just expensive to buy but even eat up major battery power once used to perform multi tasking. These smartphones are keeping us at the forefront of technology, but somewhere don’t you miss the simplicity of those old feature phones, not being bothered by peoples profile updated and not caring about what celebrities have tweeted. After all, feature phones  did everything you needed, and are perhaps the most usable and perfect device for us to stay connected in this world, without bombarding us with data that we all too often don’t need and could even be better of not knowing.

Reasons why features phones are better than smartphones

Longer battery life – Yes, we had perfect battery life with our feature phones, but then ruined it all with smart phones. The reason why feature phones have a better battery life than others is that they do not usually have lots of applications and don’t need to power a large fancy screen. They just need power for phone calls, text SMS, some light weight games and sometime a camera with limited pixels – these are perhaps the most important attributes for a device that you keeps you connected. Since these features are not so demanding and have very little power consumption, the feature phones usually run for several days or weeks at a time.

Feature phones keep your cool

As a feature phone user you won’t be walking around staring at a screen, you will actually see what’s happening in the real world, engage with people more and become more social rather than reliant on phone apps for your social stimulation. They are also becoming hip and its cool to sport one of these retro phones.

There are perfectly good devices available for everything else a Smartphone does. For the internet connectivity, you use a laptop / or tablet if you need more portability, For cameras, you have a DSLR or more portable point and click, you will get better results as well.

So, rather than having everything on one device, that is almost guaranteed to run low on power and leave you stranded, why not revert to the old school feature phone that will always have your back? You can also take all those savings and invest in proper gadgets that meet your individual needs, and they make a perfect backup device if you just aren’t yet convinced to do away with your smartphone or want a cheaper phone for using when you go on your holidays or for a night out.


This guest post was submitted by Sonal Maheshwari, who loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.12.2015. | 16:57
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