Year-End Giveaway: Enter & Win Intel Windows 10 Mini PC “Win Pro G2”

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2015. | 10:02

Finally we are coming to the last month of year 2015. As a Year-End return, we picked up one of best sellers as the giveaway prize. This amazing prize is an Intel Mini PC “Win Pro G2” with Windows 10 installed.  Then later in the month we will be giving away an Android smartphone.
Enter now to have your chance to win this fantastic TV Box and maybe you’ll be one of the first proud owners of this cool gadget in 2016.

Giveaway duration: 1st – 15th of December

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win Pro G2 design


Right after the contest ends, we will pick 2 winners at random.

  • The winners’ name will be announced updated in this blog post.
  • We will contact you if you win, and confirm your address for shipment of the prize.
  • The shipping method used will be airmail from China with an shipping time of 1-4 weeks.
  • Note: normally there will be no custom charges, but if there are, then it’s your responsibility to pay it.

Win Pro G2
Win Pro G2

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2015. | 10:02
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  1. Aleem Zafar December 8, 12:43

    moreover, i am using window 10 on my notebook. would love to have same with it. gives me pleasure and fun at the same time.

  2. Sandy Weinstein December 9, 11:43

    the sizw and power in such a small compact size

  3. Jeanne Coulombe December 9, 21:20

    The size and price great giveaway Thanks for the chance ? Happy Holidays ???? ???? ? ? ????

  4. tina reynolds December 9, 23:16

    I love the size that is just so amazing

  5. Brady Wallace December 10, 01:07

    The quad core CPU is great for it’s size. I also find the 2MP camera kinda odd.

  6. Linda Poplees December 10, 05:34

    I like the size

  7. Kristi S December 10, 09:31

    Love the size

  8. Debra miller December 10, 11:40

    The size appeals to me!

  9. Adam December 10, 12:39

    It’s perfect!

  10. Stacie Humphrey December 11, 06:53

    This is so cool. I love the design.

  11. Aliph Lamro December 11, 19:09


  12. Ana December 12, 00:47

    The Quad Core CPU , thanks!

  13. RP December 12, 11:13

    Awesome functional design!

  14. Kazuko Smith December 12, 14:54

    I have to say the camera and the size. I would love to gift this for my parents!

  15. aryirawan December 13, 07:56

    The size is what’s i like

  16. aryirawan December 13, 07:59

    Design is what i like

  17. Teresa B. December 13, 09:35

    Seems to be what pretty much everyone is saying but: the size >w<

  18. itsmede December 13, 09:36

    I like that it has bluetooth 4.0 and a 2MP built-in camera.

  19. yvsmadhav December 13, 10:49

    everything in a small and great looking package

  20. André Mendes December 13, 15:10

    My favorite feature is the size

  21. Mark Warren December 13, 16:47

    id love to win this compact portable windows 10 thing

  22. Rasyied December 13, 16:57

    it was very innovative and brilliant idea !

  23. shmuel k December 13, 20:11

    great giveaway !!

  24. Dina Alfasi December 13, 20:24

    I love the size! So cool!

  25. Tea Šainovi? December 13, 20:39

    The size!

  26. Hossem December 13, 20:48

    Love it

  27. Gavrila Simon (@gavrlsim) December 13, 20:58

    My favorite feature is the small size

  28. Gavrila Simon (@gavrlsim) December 13, 21:01

    The small size

  29. Irena December 13, 22:04

    I love the size.

  30. G Simon December 13, 23:14

    The small size of the device.

  31. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) December 13, 23:32

    The internal memory is great

  32. Zaidat Poczontek December 13, 23:39

    It is very compact.

  33. Karen December 14, 01:16

    I like the design. It’s unique for a PC tower.

  34. ali tesla December 14, 02:55

    the quad core cpu

  35. Daniel M December 14, 03:01

    i like the size

  36. Riki Roufa (@RikiRoufa) December 14, 03:27

    windows 10 for sure

  37. Ronald Gagnon December 14, 05:14

    The size and the fact it has Windows 10 installed

  38. suzanne December 14, 05:20

    I like the size.

  39. Debbie December 14, 09:41

    I love the fact that it is bluetooth and compact

  40. rsbrandt44 December 14, 10:26

    The best feature is the Quad Core CPU.

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