Drop Shipping 101: A Guide to Making Money Without Big Investments

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.12.2015. | 17:37
Drop shipping is perhaps the easiest and safest way to set up your own online retail store.  It breaks away from that old adage, you need to spend money to make money. With Drop shipping the initial layout is minimal and you can start your own business in a matter of hours from the comfort of your home.

Here is a closer look at the perks.


  • You can start your business without any large initial investment;
  • You don’t have to buy electronics in bulk – just order after you get paid by your customers;
  • You can ‘stock’ your online shop with a huge range of products, effortlessly;
  • All the item descriptions and pictures, you can just copy from your supplier;
  • You can list items for sale, and if they aren’t popular, you didn’t lose anything… you can test your market risk-free;
  • No warehouse costs and no risk of ‘dead’ stock;
  • No need to worry about packing and shipping: your drop ship wholesaler takes care of packing materials, shipping labels, paying couriers for delivery, and even making sure electrical adapters are right for different regions…;
  • …So you can sell to customers anywhere in the world;
  • You set your own prices and profit every time you sell something!


If you think it sounds easy you would be right. All you need to do is find a reliable drop-shipper like Chinavasion. After that its just a matter of  selecting the products you want to sell and putting them on a webpage.

Even that step is made easy as all the product descriptions and specification as well as photos can be taken directly from Chinavasion.

So after investing a little bit of time you can just sit back and watch the orders roll in. Just go to the Chinavasion Drop Shipping page for more details or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.12.2015. | 17:37
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  1. The Traveller December 5, 05:54

    Nice article but it is never as easy as the artice describes. Great gadgets though and great prices.

  2. Arjun Anand January 7, 22:32

    Awesome topic! This is very interesting and is making me thinking of taking a plunge in this drop shipping business

  3. Terry April 3, 18:58

    Interesting article, but I like to see and try anything I might sell personally so I can feel confident in it’s functionality and quality.

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