5 Reasons Why Rise of Digital Video Content Is a Necessity

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Internet TV is here and it is not going away. This is not the message that cable and satellite companies want to hear, but it is changing the way that people are watching television. Instead of being limited on the number of channels they can watch or the amount of content they have available to them, people are turning to online TV and the unlimited amount of content they can find there.

The shift to online TV is not going to happen overnight. People are still very used to watching traditional and cable television and some find it difficult to switch completely too online TV, but more and more people are discovering the benefits of online TV. The ability to decide what to watch and when to watch it, is causing more people to turn to online TV. This change is creating much opportunism for the businesses ready to meet the demand for video content. That demand is only going to grow.

Source: http://freesatellitetv.org/streaming-internet-tv-3.html

Source: http://freesatellitetv.org/streaming-internet-tv-3.html

Why is the Increased Demand Important?

There will be some people that say there is already plenty of content for people to choose from on the internet, but they will not realize how quickly this market is growing. There are several reasons that the amount of digital content will have to be dramatically increased in the future.

  • People want quality – When people first started watching videos online, they accepted the quality of amateur videos. That is not the case of what people expect now. They want high quality shows that rival what they are used to from cable and traditional TV.
  • People want quantity – The average online TV user is watching 4 – 7 hours of streaming video every day on services like Hulu, Netflix & Sling TV. In order to watch that much video, there needs to be a lot more content available.
  • New markets are opening – In the United States, having the internet is expected. In other major countries, the market for online digital content is just starting to grow. In Asia, 6 markets are now in the top 10 in the world for consumption of digital video content. These markets are only going to get larger as the devices and the internet gets into more peoples’ homes. These markets are averaging more than 4 hours a day of streaming content and they are demanding Asian movies online along with sports and other content.
  • Advertisers want to utilize it – The numbers of people that are turning to online digital content are also attracting businesses that want to make money off of it. Advertising revenue is going to increase. The ad money will then fund the production of a greater volume of  online content so this will drive supply.
  • Companies want in on the market – More businesses are also going to want to provide content to people. Internet channels and services that provide video content are going to need to have something to provide their users. They will demand content that
    people want to watch like Asian movies online. The better content a website has and the more content they can provide, the more users they will be able to attract to their site.
Source: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/41648/report-americans-streaming-more-online-video-watching-less-tv/index.html

Source: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/41648/report-americans-streaming-more-online-video-watching-less-tv/index.html

The Good and the Bad of Increased Digital Video Content

The need for more digital video content is going to spur many businesses to try to meet the demand. The increase in the number of people watching online digital video content is also a great opportunity for businesses. For the individual that is taking advantage of watching television online, the increased content gives them even more control over what they watch, how they watch it and when they watch. These are the good things that people can expect in the future of online TV.

Of course with everything good, there has to be some bad.

  • Not all of the content will be worth watching. The quality of the content may fall as it tries to meet the demand
  • It will start to resemble what people are used to. Ads in the middle of shows and sponsors of the content are going to become more common as companies try to generate revenue from online media.
  • It may cost money – There will always be free digital video content available, but there will also be an increase in the amount of pay for viewing content.

People will argue about all of the good points and the bad points of watching videos online. This debate may not ever be settled, but the increased demand for digital content is very hard to deny. The statistics back it up. The changing demographics and the growth of the Asian market are behind the demand and are not going away. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this, please take the time to share them with us.


This Article was written by Elianna Hyde, a freelance writer since 2009. She loves watching TV shows, movies or anything that leads to entertainment.  You can follow Elianna on Twitter and Google+.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2015. | 13:30
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