How A Wireless Doorbell Camera Can Make Your Home More Secure

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.11.2015. | 12:00

Technology is changing the way we live our lives in every way. Perhaps, you can remember when visitors had to knock on your front door to get your attention. Well, that changed with the simple invention of a metallic doorknocker. That eventually was replaced with the wired doorbell, which is now being outdated by the wireless doorbell system. These wireless doorbell camera systems are quite advanced and there are many benefits that you can receive by investing in one.


Live Video Stream

The most amazing thing about the Smart Home Doorbell is that you can actually see who is at your door via your iPhone or tablet, without even needing to glimpse through the peephole or opening the door. The doorbell camera will send a live stream video to your source device, allowing you to see who is standing at your door.

Communication with Visitors

Once the visitor rings the doorbell, an immediate notification will be sent to your source device. If you accept the incoming message, you will be able to communicate with the visitor via the built-in intercom or two-way communication feature. If you refuse the message, when it is sent, you can view it at a later time, by downloading it from the cloud storage. Some systems even come with their own monitors so you don’t need to connect them to your smartphone or download any apps.


Night Vision

It is pretty practical to assume that you will receive visitors at night. You probably had to use external lighting before to see who was knocking at your door. Well, thanks to the innovated HD infrared camera you can now see the visitor, even in complete darkness. This is a much safer way to see who is standing on the other side of the door. Many video door phones will even let you snap a picture of them so you can keep a log of visitors.

Motion Sensors

Most Smart Home Doorbells are integrated with motion sensors. If the unexpected visitor opts out on using the doorbell and decides to take their leave instead, you will still know that they visited your home, while you were away. The motion sensor will be triggered, as soon as the visitor enters the sensor range and an alert will immediately be sent to your source device. No one will ever again be able to roam around your home freely, without your knowledge. It also means that should you miss that parcel delivery you will know about it and can call them up to reschedule your delivery.

Home Automation

These doorbells will be integrated with some type of communication technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows them to communicate with other wireless enabled devices, but now many of these devices are being embedded with home automation gateways. With this type of wireless technology, the homeowner will be able to control, manage, and monitor all of their Smart Home devices via the best smart home hub.

This technology has definitely surpassed the expectations of the consumer, as it is growing in popularity, as we speak. You will now find an unlimited array of home automation hubs available on today’s market, so if you are trying to turn your home into a Smart Home environment, you should definitely invest in this phenomenal device.

Create Your Own Surveillance System

You already know the importance of monitoring your home, when you are away. These wireless doorbell system allows you to create a basic security system right at your front door that tracks visitors or intruders. This technology should give any homeowner great piece of mind, while they are at home or away.



This guest post was written by Tony Mokbel. This tech enthusiast and blogger can be found twitting about all different types of technology advancements. Twitter @BestSmartLock

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.11.2015. | 12:00
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  1. Gom Cruise July 20, 20:50

    Really technology is changing our life day by day. Few years ago we are used just a bell but nowadays we can use smart doorbell with the video. Doorbell camera can make your Home More Secure. Especially video doorbell night vision is so important. For the innovated HD infrared camera can see the visitor, even in complete darkness. So we are feel secure using wireless doorbell camera. And thanks for sharing clear concept about it.

  2. Doorbell Hub May 19, 13:29

    Yes, as correctly pointed out, we live in an era where security is the primary concern of most homeowners.

    Some of the smart doorbells out there does the job pretty well.

    Kudos for explaining it with great details.

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