5 Tips On How To Install A Security System In Your Home

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With the ever-increasing global crime rate, it is important to take extreme measures to protect your personal assets. There are many steps that you can take to heighten the security around your home, but none will surpass a home security system. You will find a large variety of security systems available in today’s market, so you will need to do a bit of research to find one that is suitable for your needs, you may like to check out this security camera buying guide. Once you have the security system in your hands, it will be time to begin the installation process.


Camera Positions

It is important to place the cameras in a position, where they will provide you with the best view. Many homeowners will choose areas around their gables, exit doors, driveways, and dark alleyways. Most security cameras are integrated with zoom and tilt features, so you can adjust them accordingly to receive an up close and personal view of any intruder.


Wireless Connectivity

Wireless technology can be used to control and monitor your home security system. Most systems are integrated with this technology, but you may have to connect the base unit be it a DVR or NVR to your landline. Many manufacturers are developing completely wireless systems that do not require landline accessibility and these are so much easier to install, since they operate solely off of the wireless communication.

Following Installation Guide

Your home security system will come with an installation guide. You must remember that every system is different and it may require a special installation process. Make sure that you read the guide from cover to cover, before you begin installing the system, since this will speed up the process and decrease mishaps.


Mounting Transmitters

The security system should provide you with several door and window transmitters or motion detectors, which will audibly alert you, when a burglar attempts to break into your home. You can also purchase additional transmitters, if you have an extremely large home.

These detectors are equipped with sensors that are capable of sensing any type of movement. Once the sensor has been triggers, an immediate notification will be sent to your source device and control panel, so an alarm is immediately triggered.

Hidden Contacts

If you do not prefer the unappealing transmitter, you should consider switching them out for the plunger contact. These can be embedded into your walls around the windows and doors. These act in the same manner as a transmitter, so your home will be just as secure, when using these, but they will offer a more discrete and neat option.

When a burglar attempts to raise a window in your home, a mechanical switch inside of the plunger will alert an alarm. The alert will be sent to your source device and control panel, so an alarm is immediately triggered.

Monitoring Service

While you can take on the responsibility of monitoring the system yourself, you also have the option of hiring a security company to do it for you. This will cost around $35-50 a month, but if an alert is triggered, it will be sent directly to the monitoring center, where a representative will investigate the issue.

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Back It Up

Although a security system will enhance your home’s security and provide you with added peace of mind, you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, you will want to back it up with a strongly reinforced door. Also, utilizing one of the best deadbolt locks will help to guarantee that an intruder will not be able to kick your door in. Keeping your bushes trimmed and installing motion activated lights outside will help tremendously! Not one single item will keep you safe. Instead, you will need to use a combination of security apparatuses.


By choosing the DIY installation route, you will not have to pay those expensive installation fees. One thing is for sure, a home security system will heighten the security level in and around your home.



This guest post was written by Tony Mokbel. This tech enthusiast and blogger can be found twitting about all different types of technology advancements. Twitter @BestSmartLock

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.11.2015. | 14:44
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