Product Offline? Here’s How To Find Alternatives

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.11.2015. | 13:36

When we launch a product on our new products page, we always want to stock them as long as possible. However, there are several reasons why we sometimes have to take products offline, which we explained in this post: Why Products Go Off the Shelf

If you’re a reseller, who listed the product on Amazon, or a bulk purchaser, you might face some disruption in supply due to the fact that the product went offline. Here’s what you can do to minimize risks or even boost your business by switching to other products:

1. Contact Support

You really want to buy the offline product? Contact our customer support at, and request to get it back online or place an offline order. Our professional team will reply you within a working day. Make sure to state the product code or url in the email together with the required amount and preferred pricing.

2. Switch Colors

We aren’t always able to get the product back for you. Unfortunately, suppliers might have stopped producing, or we aren’t able to hit the MOQ. In many cases, luckily we launched the product in multiple colors. If you were smoothly selling the black one, which is now out of stock, why not switch to a white version (or any other color we have online)? Use our search function to find out if other colors are available. Tip: use the first part of the product code. For example if the product code is ‘CVAFP-M851-Black’ then search ‘CVAFP-M851’ in the search bar.

3.Sell a Newer Version

Very often certain products go offline, because the manufacturer has stopped producing the old version, but is now offering a newer version. To find out if a newer version is available simply search the old product’s product code. Our newer version product codes are often based on the old version. For example, if the old version product code is ABC-123, then a newer generation product’s code will be ABC-123-2GEN. By searching the old product code, the replacement product will appear if available!

4. Browse Category for Alternatives

If you’re selling a Quad Core 4G smartphone that unfortunately went offline, the changes are pretty big that we offer other smartphones with the same specs that matter to you the most. Simply browse the main category as well as the sub category of the offline product to find alternatives!

5. Find Complementary Products

Chinavasion also often offer accessories that can accompany products we sell. If a product is offline, then find accessories to complement your customers’ previous purchases. You might not be able to sell the product, but offering accessories is still an effective way to monetize your customer base.

We hope the above guide helps to grow your business! Feel free to add your thoughts below! Let’s finalize this post with an inspirational business quote:

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.11.2015. | 13:36
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