Why Products Go Off The Shelf: Chinavasion Stock Management

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2015. | 17:05


At Chinavasion, we always wish that the product is online for as long as possible. However, sometimes certain circumstances don’t allow us to keep a product online and you’ll see this message:

This product is out of stock, and not coming back

See below a few reasons for the message above:

  1. Product has stopped being produced the factory: In such as case, we’ll sell out the last batch before the product goes offline.
  2. Product has been upgraded: In such a case, will offline the old version and launch a new version on a new page. Try searching for the old product code in our search bar and the new one version will appear. This is often the old product code + 2GEN at the end of it.
  3. The product isn’t popular: Sometimes, products reach the end of their product life cycle. For example, now Android 5 is out, you’ll find  that Android 4 phones will slowly become less popular. We believe those products aren’t worth your time. See below a graph demonstrating the product life cycle concept. Products that enter the decline stage will decrease sharply in sales with barely any product.
  4. Counterfeit complain: In rare cases we receive a complaint related to counterfeit products. We always try our best to avoid such cases at all times, to protect your business. Whenever, we’ve found such a case, we’ll always take the product offline directly, and return the product to the factory.

The above reasons only cover products that go offline permanently. There are times, products are temporarily out of stock. In such cases, you’ll see a ‘Back Soon’ notice below the add to cart button on the product page, with an indicated shipping time. You can still order these products but its best to keep that order separately as it could delay shipping times of products on the same order that are in stock.

chinavasion product life cycle stock management

Request a Getback!

Request a getback!: The fact that the product isn’t listed anymore on our website doesn’t mean we can’t get it back for you. If you’re interested in a product that we don’t stock anymore, simply contact customer support at support@chinavasion.com with the product URL or code and we’ll see if we can still get it back for you.

Find alternatives: Another option is to find alternatives for the device that has been offline. Read this STRATEGY GUIDE now.

Questions? Feel free to ask it below! Or contact our customer service team.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.11.2015. | 17:05
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