Giveaway: Enter & Win Nexodus LifeLine 8 Port USB Hub + Qi Charging Pad

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 16:37

Updated 1st November 2015

This giveaway has now ended, Congratulation to out two luck winners Laura P. and Art H. We will be contacting you both shortly to confirm details following which we will dispatch your Nexodus Life Line prizes to you.


If you didn’t win this time don’t worry. You can always buy this stellar 8 port USB charger from the Chinavasion web store.

Please stay tuned for our next (December) giveaway, we are hoping to make it a spacial one for the holidays and with luck will have two great phones to giveaway. Check out our blog tomorrow when we hope to have launched the new Giveaway, and good luck.

The last giveaway has ended now! Visit this page to find the latest giveaway to join! Enter this month’s great giveaway at Chinavasion and you could be the lucky winner of a Nexodus LifeLine 8 Port USB Hub with Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Free USB-C Cable. Enter now to have your chance to win and maybe you’ll be one of the first proud owners of this cool gadget.

Giveaway duration: 1st – 30th of November

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Right after the contest ends, we will pick two winners at random.

  • The winner’s name will be announced updated in this blog post.
  • We will contact you if you win, and confirm your address for shipment of the prize.
  • The shipping method used will be airmail from China with an shipping time of 1-4 weeks.
  • Note: normally there will be no custom charges, but if there are, then it’s your responsibility to pay it.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 16:37
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  1. Alexander G November 2, 23:53

    Great design and functionality

  2. kabil November 3, 06:04

    i hope i could win this time

  3. Valerie Bradshaw November 4, 01:53

    Like your excellent items you offer at reasonable prices. Would love to win this prize. Thanks, Valerie.

  4. Stauros Ch. (@StaurosChatz) November 4, 03:39

    Great stats!

  5. eyal November 4, 06:22

    hope i could win this time

  6. Rick November 4, 06:50

    Pretty cool gadget !

  7. Carolyn November 4, 11:03

    Wow great way to charge everything, this would be handy

  8. Anif November 4, 11:06

    cOOL GADGET.. Must Have item.. for a gadget geek

  9. Lori Bahn November 4, 22:02

    I love how you don’t need any usb cord. Thanks so much for a chance

  10. John November 4, 22:57

    That look like what i need, Nice…

  11. John November 4, 22:59

    That look like what i need. Nice…

  12. John November 4, 23:14

    That something i need to have, very nice, nice price too

  13. Shawna O November 5, 09:23

    I would Love to win this because we have so many phones, tablets and cameras that need to be charged up often at the same time, so this would be very convenient. Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂

  14. Rommel November 5, 11:53

    Cool little gadget! Would be very useful.

  15. Philip Schilling November 6, 01:44

    I want to win, because I think wireless charging is super cool. Also, I have a lot of devices that always need charging, and this would allow me to do it all in one place.

  16. Ann Fantom November 6, 10:10

    I would love to win because my family has some many electronic devices to charge

  17. Kristina Faricelli November 6, 17:31

    Does the power plug for the Nexodus LifeLine 8 Port USB Charging Station work in the USA power sockets?

  18. Terri A Wilson November 7, 00:17

    Must Have item..

  19. Jennie Smith November 7, 00:18


  20. Steven Epstein November 7, 00:27

    a fantastic gadgets everyone could use!

  21. janew22jane Werthmann November 7, 01:16

    I would love to win this we have many items to charge, thank you for doing this.

  22. Lori Jean Williams November 7, 01:19

    I would love to win this for my whole family because we are forever trying to find plugs for all the different chargers that we have. It can get very annoying. This cool gadget seems to be the answer to our growing problem. Thank you so much for sharing this and for giving me the opportunity to win and solve our family’s problem.

  23. Leslie Carcaise November 7, 09:18

    My husband just said we need some sort of charging station for all of our devices. This is it!

  24. Candace Lynn November 8, 02:21

    Cause my phone is always dying!

  25. Dmitriy Sukhanov November 8, 02:58

    Great design!

  26. Tammy Iler November 9, 01:26

    I would love to win this, I’ve been needing one

  27. kelly light November 9, 05:09

    this looks like a great prize

  28. John Agwazim November 9, 07:45

    I love Chinavasion.

  29. James Mash November 9, 09:12

    The Nexodus LifeLine has an EU plug, however we will include a plug adapter suitable for your country when you order (or Win) this item. Good luck everyone.

  30. rusthawk November 10, 06:08

    What a great idea for all of my charging needs!

  31. GARNER November 11, 09:04

    Great item. Meets my charging needs. Hope I win this.

  32. alejandro November 11, 11:44

    grat , product and quality

  33. Sandy Weinstein November 11, 12:36

    this is a great item, i place to charge everything. no more taking up all of my outlets to charge everthing…and just setting it on top and recharging as well.

  34. casaflamingos1 November 12, 10:13

    This would be great to charge the three cell phones and computers in our household.

  35. luke November 12, 11:20

    Great quality product

  36. Sany S. November 12, 16:52

    Great, thanks!

  37. James Mash November 12, 17:20

    Yes, the plug for this is for a mains socket.

  38. David Goddard November 12, 22:58

    Fantastic company with the best products for sure

  39. kathie hoehn November 13, 01:11

    This looks like a fun product to try

  40. nevia November 13, 01:51

    this would be perfect for my upcoming birthday 🙂

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