VKWorld VK700 Pro Android Smartphone Video Review

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 15:28

VKWorld VK700 Pro Hammer Time

The VKWorld VK700 is ranked as a really tough phone. in fact its right up there with the OUKITEL K4000  which we showed some video tests off last week. Now to put the VKWorld VK700 Pro through its paces in this video they made sure it took a hammering (literally).

This is one way to test that Gorilla Glass. (We don’t recommend trying this at home).



After a really tough test it was time to see if you could use the VKWorld VK700 Pro to hammer a few nails into some wood. Now normally you wouldn’t use your phone as a hammer and especially not using the screen like this, however as  this has Gorilla glass 3 it seamed like a good test.



Its was surprising how well the phone stood up to these tests. With a new range of phones with toughened glass screens you can give them loads of arouse and not even scratch the screens. Hammers and nails had little effect so this next test looked easy.


Watch below as the VK700 Pro is used to smash some walnuts. in fact it does so well there’s not even much left of the nuts to eat.




If anything these test look to easy.. so can you think of something that would truly test these phones toughness. if so let us know and we would be happy to ask the manufactures to try it out.

For Full specs on this fantastic smartphone check out the Chinavasion website, where there is a large range of Android smartphones for you to choose from.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 15:28
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