The Top 5 Best Smart Home Devices For Today

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 10:26

Over the years, a handful of innovative products have been released to the public. Some of these can help to make the consumer’s life just a tiny bit easier. This is especially true, when it comes to smart home technology. Once you’ve managed to transform your home into a smart home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it from afar. Of course, it doesn’t stop there! You can also lock your door, adjust your thermostat and switch off your lights directly from your smartphone. In order to do this, you will need the best smart home gadgets. These will be explored in more depth below.




Smart Bulb

In the past few years, smart light bulbs have grown exceptionally in popularity. These bulbs are web-enabled and give you the ability to control your home’s lighting from your smartphone or mobile tablet. Some are even multi-color. Although this might not seem like much of a convenience, it truly is and can even help you cut back on your electricity bill. Suffice to say, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the lights on ever again. The Philips Hue and the LIFX are two of the best.



Smart Thermostat

A few years ago, a handy device was released and enabled consumers to start their vehicles from afar. This gave them the ability to warm up their car’s interior, before they stepped outside. Now, it is possible to do the same in your home, thanks to the smart thermostat technology. With this technology, the homeowner will be able to check and adjust their thermostat from many miles away. This can be tremendously beneficial for parents and anyone that wishes to save energy.

The Nest is currently the biggest name in the industry, but the Ecobee and Honeywell are two great alternatives.


Smart Doorbell

The newly innovative Smart Doorbell is becoming more and more popular every day. This device is designed to offer heightened security, two-way communication, and live stream video. It can be very frustrating to have someone to visit your home, while you are at work. With the traditional doorbell there was no way to know whether or not someone visited your home, until you returned to find a note hanging on your door.

This is a thing of the past, thanks to the Ring Smart Home Doorbell. It is equipped with the Wi-Fi technology, so it can communicate with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. The mobile app makes it possible to control the doorbell from any iOS or Android device.

The Smart Doorbell is integrated with an alarm sensor that when trigger will automatically send out a video or notification of the incoming visitor, so you can choose to communicate with the individual or just let them leave you a message.


Smart Window Air Conditioner

Your home’s environment and atmosphere are vital to your comfort. A good HVAC system is pertinent for this purpose. Maybe it is time to upgrade to a smart window air conditioner? The technology is fairly new and few competitors have met on the battlefield. However, the Aros is currently the most notable. If you have a home, without central air, the Quirky+GEAros is definitely a great alternative. This air conditioner can be connected to your Wi-Fi network. Once this has happened, you’ll be able to control it from the Wink app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Overall, this is a pretty cool gadget, which will keep your home cool.


Smart Lock

Another Smart Home device that is hitting the market like a tornado is the August Smart Lock. At the moment, this is considered to be the best smart lock. This device replaces the preexisting deadbolt and can be installed within a matter of a few short minutes. The Smart Lock is equipped with the wireless technology, so it can communicate with other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The built-in battery backup power will keep the lock functional, even during power outages. Since the exterior portion of your preexisting deadbolt remains intact, you will still have the option of utilizing the mechanical key to unlike the door, as well.

The mobile August app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device, so you will have full control over your home access. You can also send electronic keys to your friends and family, so they can gain access to your home, while you are away.



At the end of the day, smart home technology is fairly new, but it is improving progressively. Within a few years, it is highly probable that this technology and these devices will become a staple of all homes.




This guest post was written by Tony Mokbel. This blogger and tech enthusiast can be found tweeting about all different types of technology advancements on Twitter @BestSmartLock.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2015. | 10:26
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