Safe Money Transfer During Online Shopping

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.10.2015. | 10:27

Internet technology has changed our everyday routines in many positive ways. Online shopping is one of those blessings of the modern age many people cannot imagine their lives without. It is convenient, easy and takes much less time than doing the traditional shopping.

No need to get dressed, no waiting lines and rush hour traffic turmoil. But, one of the major issues in the digital world is security. Customer’s information can get compromised, money lost in translation, and complications ensued. Hence, there are things you must do to make sure there are no loose ends.




Digital Shelves

Many are the reasons to engage in online shopping. The selection of products and the amount of good bargains that can be found online are mind-boggling. Many people use this way of shopping just for cheaper prices, and some products you might not be able to find anywhere else. Physical shops have a limited array of products, but try to lure you into buying stuff you do not need.

Browsing different websites and comparing the offers is way easier than cruising around the city and storming through shopping malls. The shipping is most often quick, and shoppers do not have to wait long before receiving the desired item. Also, online shopping is discreet, so no awkward stares and unpleasant situations when buying certain products.


Lost in heaven

Not everything in the garden is rosy, however. Many shoppers like to see and touch the product, and this is something you are not able to do online. Photos and descriptions are often not enough to get a feeling about the product and gain insight into its characteristics and condition. Also, this type of shopping diminishes the customer’s satisfaction and consumer experience for some.


Although most forms of online purchasing are relatively secure, there are many shady companies and swindlers preying to steal your money or personal information. Some customers complain about being ripped off, or having their information stolen. Everything we do on the web leaves a digital trail, but people can make it harder to follow.


On the safe side


So, before you start adding products to your cart, conduct a research and check who you are dealing with. Frauds and schemes are frequent in the digital realm, so do not rush to submit your personal information. There are some clues to keep an eye on signs which can reveal whether you are visiting a legitimate and secure site that takes extra measures to protect your data.

Avoid suspicious emails directing you to unknown websites. Using well-known, credible pages that carry everything under the sun is always a safe bet. It is also a good idea to check the vendor’s privacy and return policy beforehand. Provide only the mandatory information, and do not shy away from contacting sellers about any uncertainties.


Payment options and service providers

Having the latest security software is essential for safe online shopping. Also, users should make sure that their browser and operating system are up-to-date. That way, a solid software protection against malware, viruses and other online threats is in enabled. Turn off the computer upon completing the transaction, as you do not want to give schemers non-stop access to it.


Some payment options are safer than others. Some people prefer credit cards, and they are still a popular choice. They are more effective against frauds than many other alternatives. Another safe option is an escrow, because it involves a third party which holds and distributes the money. This way, the transaction can be completed only after all the obligations have been fulfilled.

Pajama shopping


Shopping without getting out of your pajama 24/7 has numerous benefits, so no wonder it is on the roll today. It saves you time, energy, and quite often money. But, online shopping is not without problems, security being the paramount issue. All the online threats and potential complications should not keep you away from online shopping, though.


They should only make you more vigilant and prepared to take security measures. So, be on the safe side, and take steps to ensure that the transaction goes through without problems. Keep a clean machine with up-to-date software, and use a trusted site. Keep the receipts, no matter if they are electronic or otherwise.

This guest article was sent to us by Sonya Watts, a passionate business consultant from Melbourne, Australia. She has a wide range of interests, including online writing, technology trends and marketing in general and likes to share her own experiences in those fields.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.10.2015. | 10:27
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