Latest Chinavasion Electronics: PreOrder OUKITEL K6000 Smartphone, Headrest DVD Player Set & more

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PreOrder OUKITEL K6000 Smartphone

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today we have launched an amazing list of new products, including PreOrder OUKITEL K6000 Smartphone for which you can reserve your stock by placing an order online. Besides this, there are more interesting new additions. You can find the details below!

PreOrder OUKITEL K6000 Smartphone: The OUKITEL K6000 comes with a 5.5 inch 2.5D curved display. The massive 6000mAh battery will give you up to 96 hours of continuous talking time and will be available for around 40 days on standby. What’s more, thanks to the reverse charging function, you will be able to use the smartphone as a power bank and use it to charge up other small gadgets, like mp3 players, smartwatches and even other phones. The 5.5 inch smartphone also sports the latest Android 5.1 OS, you will also have Smart Wake and Gesture Sensing at your service for quick access to your selected apps and easy navigation. With the support of 4G (FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B20), you will speed through the Web and 2 SIM cards will give you the convenience of separating your business and social accounts. Moreover, you will have 16GB of internal memory and the support of up to 32GB on the micro SD card.

Headrest DVD Player Set: A pair of headrests with built-in DVD players will definitely do the trick. You will now be able to calmly focus on the road ahead, with everyone in the car enjoying some nice on-board entertainment. The DVD players come with 7 inch TFT LCD displays. A region-free DVD player in one of the headrests lets you play discs from any country. With USB and SD card ports, as well as the support of various DVD formats (DVD, VCD, MP3, MP4, CD-R, CD-RW and Divx), you won’t have a shortage of resources for getting your content onto the screen. The Headrests each come with their own built-in speakers and headphone jacks. A nice and cool feature of the DVD player set is a game pad, which you can use to diversify the fun and play 32 bit games on. Thanks to the universal design, the head rest player will fit practically any vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

PreOrder Nexodus LifeLine 8 Port USB Hub Charger: This multiport USB charger also comes with a Qi wireless charging pad on top that can charge any wireless Qi enabled smartphones such as LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Google Nexus 6 and more. This amazing 8 port USB hub has four ports with a 0.5 to 1 Amp rating and 4 ports with a 2.4 Amps that will let you charge all manner of electronics such as tablets, smart phones, music plays, portable speakers digital camera and a whole world more. It also comes with a Qi wireless charging pad on top, this can be used to charge any wireless Qi enabled smartphones. With this multi port charging dock not only do you get 8 USB ports and a Qi charging pad but a universal plug socket. And to make you power management is even more future proof, Nexodus is adding a USB-C type cable!

GPS303G GPS Tracker: With GPS and Location Based Service (LBS) double real time tracking solutions this anti theft and vehicle recovery device can keep tabs on your car, truck or bike. The SIM card slot offer support across 850/ 900/ 1800 and 1900 MHz GSM frequencies allow it to alert you to its exact location. With a high gain ceramic patch antenna you get a stunning level of accuracy that can help pin point the exact location of your vehicle. Once installed and set up you will have access to several notifications and alarms functions that can alert you if the vehicle travels over a preset speed limit or is being driven after a preset time of the day. This array of functions put you in full control and lets you dictate how and when a vehicle is used making the GPS303G a leading force on motor vehicle protection.

Ordro 504 FHD Car DVR: The Ordro 504 car DVR has a NTK96655 chipset and 1/3 inch front facing camera so it can record every moment of your journey in full HD 1080p quality. With a front and rear camera the Ordro 504 car cam makes getting in and out of those tight parking spots much easier and the rear 170 degree view ensures the full rear view is captured and will be automatically displayed on the 2.7inch LCD screen thanks to the motion detection sensors. A micros SD slot on this camera can be used with 32GB cards to bring ample storage space and with cycle recording you’re certain to have plenty of room left over. Benefiting from a mini HDMI output port lets you share the crazy antics of other road users or impress family and friends with full HD imagery from your latest travels. This excellent car DVR comes with all the fittings needed to install it on your windshield as well as the appropriate wiring required for mounting the rear camera.

SJCAM M10 Plus Sports Action Camera: It’s a powerful device capable of recording your action videos in 2K at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60 frames per second. You can simply use the micro USB cable to transfer all your pics and videos to a computer once you’re done. Alternatively, if you are too excited to wait you can easily share some of the best moments of the day over Wi-Fi by sending an email or posting on social media. You can also keep your pics and videos right on the small camera thanks to the support of 32GB on a micro SD card and even review and preview them on a mini 1.5 inch LCD screen. When your footage is ready for the big screen, you can hook up your camera directly to your TV with an HDMI cable and watch all your adventures on the big screen. With a 900mAh battery, you will have up to 80 minutes of recording time in 1080p. With a waterproof case, the cam will feature IP68 rating, and you won’t have any trouble taking it for a swim.

Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light: The Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light will bring strong and steady light to any set, making sure that your videos and pictures have the final effects that you have been searching for. You will have 528 LEDs to get the right brightness level and a lifespan of 100, 000 hours. Coming with 95CRI (color rendering index), the Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light guarantees perfect color accuracy. It even comes with a convenient carrying case to keep the video LED light safe on your trips. The Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light also comes with two filters, letting you choose between cooler and warmer tones. When it comes to powering the LED video light, you will be able to choose between Sony NP-F (NP-F550/F570/F770/F960/F970), NP-FM (FM50/FM51/FM55H /FM500H) and NP-QM battery series (QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D).

OVEVO Fantasy Z1 Bluetooth Speaker: Use the speaker to stream soft and gentle tunes before heading off to sleep, while using the built-in LED as your night light. The smart speaker will listen and perform your every command, creating just the type of ambiance that you are looking for. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you will be able to efficiently stream your favourite tunes without putting too much strain on the battery. Despite its small size, the smart LED speaker can give you up to 6 hours of continuous music playing time and is quick to recharge. With its portable and compact size, the OVEVO Fantasy Z1 Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect companion for nature outings. You can easily take it camping or for a nice relaxing picnic outdoors. Listen to the latest hits or audio books in relaxing natural environment and let the Bluetooth speaker double as a mini lamp when it gets dark.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.10.2015. | 17:41
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    Where can we buy the HDMI Cable, I can’t find a source?

  2. James Mash February 19, 15:11

    You can get the HDMI cable at just about any local electronics store.

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