Giveaway: Enter & Win 6250 mAh HOMTOM Android 5.1 Smartphone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.10.2015. | 11:23

Due to the National Holidays this monthly promotion got delayed a bit. We’re sorry for that! The good news is that this months prize is an amazing HOMTOM HT6 smartphone with a massive 6250mAh battery and many other impressive features. Enter now to have your chance to win and maybe you’ll be one of the first proud owners of this cool device.

Giveaway duration: 9th – 31th of October

Updated 12/10: Good news! We will now pick two lucky winners of the Fantastic HOMTOM phone so now you have double the chance of winning.

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homtom ht6 design


Right after the contest ends, we will pick a winner at random.

  • The winner’s name will be announced updated in this blog post.
  • We will contact you if you win, and confirm your address for shipment of the prize.
  • The shipping method used will be airmail from China with an shipping time of 1-4 weeks.
  • Note: normally there will be no custom charges, but if there are, then it’s your responsibility to pay it.

homtom ht 6 specs homtom smartphone

homtom 1

homtom ht6 battery life

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.10.2015. | 11:23
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  1. Hamid Mehmood October 14, 17:01

    wow this is so awesome.with this long time battery we can easily have a lovely outing somewhere on a beach with no worries of phone low battery

  2. indxyoungbae October 14, 18:13

    battery life is better than mine

  3. Stauros Ch. (@StaurosChatz) October 15, 03:30

    6250mAh battery 4G, sign me up

  4. Paul Chikezie October 15, 04:18

    Wow… Great device to own! the battery life is smashing unbelievable. I love it

  5. Sandy Weinstein October 15, 04:57

    i love the long battery life and fast charging, really necessary these days.

  6. chetlog (@chetlog) October 15, 05:48

    Big Battery!

  7. David Pipkin October 15, 07:13

    I would love this phone, the battery will last and it has many great features. I hope they come Unlocked

  8. Angarei P Kavana October 15, 13:53

    With this it’s the battery life….outstanding..

  9. casaflamingos1 October 16, 02:04

    I like the idea of the long battery life, I am always charging mine.

  10. Diana October 16, 02:42

    I like everything on this Smartphone. Its screen type, size and it looks elegant and its battery life y very good.

  11. steve weber October 16, 03:51

    I’m loving the gorilla glass and the long battery.

  12. Dmitriy Sukhanov October 16, 04:49

    6250mAh battery!

  13. Kimberly Pajas October 16, 10:06

    I like the fast 4g and battery life ????

  14. Jay'z Galil'z Tab'z October 16, 11:06

    I love it nice phone.. can from phillipines..

  15. olivia41393 October 16, 14:20

    My favorite feature is the long-lasting battery life!

  16. Cristy Ridey October 16, 15:55

    I like the Corning Glass screen. I have a bad habit of dropping my phone.

  17. Fauzee October 16, 16:30

    Hom Tom what a name!

  18. Sushruta October 16, 21:48

    I like the 6250 mAh battery life & 4G connectivity…Thanks…

  19. Sushrut Dilwale Bhattacharya October 16, 21:49

    I really like the 6250 mAh battery & the Corning Gorilla Glass Screen…Thanks for the opportunity… 🙂

  20. Mikey DeGraw October 17, 03:23

    I like the long battery life, my phone is constantly dying

  21. Teguh Prasetyo October 17, 07:10

    For me, battery life is the most important life for smartphone. Good job HOMTOM!

  22. Diane Vescio October 17, 10:12

    Love thinness of the phone

  23. doreen lamoureux October 18, 07:24

    I think I am the only person in the word without a cell phone. My husband had to get a new one as his battery bombed out. So I would say that the massive 6250mAh battery is what I love the most. I also love the ultimate speed. If I win, I am going to keep it and finally have a phone. Just never wanted one but this thought may change.

  24. doreen lamoureux October 18, 07:26

    hope you got my last comment..Love the speed and the battery

  25. Laura S October 18, 18:56

    I like the long battery life

  26. Ion Andoni October 20, 02:25

    outstanding battery life, this is best thing.

  27. sandra October 20, 02:47

    I like the long battery life

  28. Edgaras October 20, 03:18

    In my opinion most nice feature is wood cover. Fully made from nature. very nice looking natural cover.

  29. Ravi October 20, 17:44

    Just love the battery life.

  30. Ivica An?al October 21, 16:46

    I like the long battery life

  31. Antonio October 22, 00:37

    I like battery life and fast charging

  32. Lori Bahn October 22, 07:16

    I love the battery life and the corning glass

  33. Danielle quijano October 22, 07:42

    I love this phone.. My friend bought one and it was so cool

  34. lii October 22, 09:01

    battery life

  35. Tiago R October 22, 13:00

    the battery….is one of the biggest problem’s i have whit my current phone!!!!

  36. Jim Lipscomb October 22, 13:03

    This is a really sleek looking phone. Nice build quality from the pics

  37. bilqees bano October 22, 13:41

    love the camera

  38. Cristina Popescu October 22, 13:50

    I like the fast charge!

  39. Suzana Marc October 22, 14:01

    Yeah, we can’t agree more. This phone is an overall great performer

  40. Austine Marie Rivera October 22, 14:40

    I wish I have this one. Battery life is wow. And the specs is so lovable. Wooh <3

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