6 Free Resources for Android Developers

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To say the Android app development process is simple is a major understatement, at least if you want to do it the right way. Avoiding the hassle associated with multiple app revisions, glitches, and technical errors requires time and patience.

Fortunately, multiple free resources are available to those just starting out in the Android developers field. Even seasoned developers can benefit from the information, at the very least using it as a reference point for future problems and projects.

The important thing is to not get overwhelmed; at this point you need not worry about the vast selection of app tools and options at your disposal. There is plenty of time to become a master developer, so for now it is all about acquiring a basic understanding of what goes into creating an app suitable for the Android marketplace.


An Inside Look at the Information You Need to Develop the Perfect App

One thing to keep in mind as you delve into your app-developing journey to become and Android developer is knowing what apps in particular you wish to work on. The two main types are those used on native devices and web-based ones that are created by CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

For native Android apps, the primary tools of choice by most developers are Eclipse IDE or Apache Ant 1.6.5 IDE; this ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. These will act as your starting point with the Android SDK.


Back to Basics: Starting out With Android Developer

As far as tutorials are concerned, there is no place better than the official Android Developer website. For ease of use and convenience, the site is now subdivided into three key categories: Design, Develop, and Distribute. Together, they provide a step-by-step walk-through and thorough overview of the app life-cycle. The development tab in particular contains a plethora of useful tools and guides. There is more than enough information here for newcomers; be sure to visit the site’s YouTube channel for video demonstrations.


Make Yourself an Android-Developing Pro With MIT App Inventor

Previously referred to as the Google App Inventory, this tool takes a dynamic and easy-to-understand approach to app development. You do not have to be a programming genius or even be skilled in coding, as the team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology work to create visually-focused training.


Excellent Training Offered by The New Boston

This collection of 200+ tutorial videos offers an informal yet informative perspective on the development process. They are all created by self-taught Bucky Roberts, a tech-savvy guy that is known for providing simple solutions to some of the most common roadblocks Android app developers face. Everything from how to download the SDK application to making your app live on the marketplace is covered in-depth.


Get Educated With Eduonix

Having access to more information is never a bad thing; Eduonix is one more site you will want to bookmark for your venture into the Android developing market. It features a host of free tutorials (many of them tailored to teaching JavaScript), as well as an excellent blog that is updated on a regular basis. The blog is subdivided into multiple categories (e.g. PhoneGap, HTML 5, etc.) for convenience and ease of use.

In case you are interested you can also enroll for course in various colleges. There is one such college in Toronto  who offer a mobile application developer program right right after your 12th grade. It is not necessary to go to such colleges but if you do they will provide you with that extra insider info and knowledge, which you may miss while learning on your own.


Ask the Android Hive for Developing Advice

No matter how technical your question, you are bound to get a detailed answer on this blog authored by a leading Android developing expert, they also have a YouTube channel that can be of help.


Engage in E-books

Given the growth of the field, a ton of books have been written on the subject of Android development. Popular titles include the McGraw Hill’s Android Guide, Android Programming, and many other Android programming titles.

Being a successful developer requires a lot of trial and error. A textbook approach is not always ideal, so feel free to explore these and other free resources on the web. Continual training is key to launching an award-winning app!


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.10.2015. | 18:00
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