5 Best Features Of Chinese Android Smartphones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.10.2015. | 20:33

Chinese branded phones are becoming more and more popular among Android users. Thanks to their good quality, increased functionality, interesting designs and friendly price tags, they are winning over more and more fans across the world, as well as critical acclaim from international tech bloggers. In this post, we are looking at the 5 best features of Chinese made smartphones and how they can upgrade your mobile experience.

Hot Knot

Hot Knot

One of the special features you will find in a great number of Chinese phones is Hot Knot. Similar to NFC, Hot Knot is used for fast data transfers between compatible devices. However, while with NFC you need to tap the backs of the smartphones together, with Hot Knot it’s the screens that need to be in contact to enable data exchange. You will have pretty much the same capabilities as you do with NFC. With Hot Knot, you will be able to transfer and exchange photos and videos, contact data (web addresses, social media and phone contacts, etc.), application information, game moves, as well as to facilitate mobile payments and enable Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. To learn more about the differences and similarities of the two technologies, check out our blog on Hot Knot Versus NFC, How Do They Compare.

Dual SIM

Dual Sim

A great number of Chinese smartphone come with the dual SIM feature. That means that you can actually have two independent phone numbers on your phone and two mobile accounts, making it much easier to separate professional and social lives. It’s also a great way to have two network providers on your smartphone and a better way to stay connected.

Almost any modern Chinese-branded smartphone you pick up will come with the dual SIM card feature – a practical and useful enhancement to the already impressive feature list that today’s smartphones come with.

Large Battery

Quite a few Chinese branded phones come with extensive battery capacities. This is true for rugged phones as well as standard models, and you will get longer operation time together with better standby.

A good example of a phone with a large battery capacity is the No.1 X6800. The phone is of the rugged type and in addition to the massive 6800mAh battery comes with the IP68 rating, 4G and a quad core processor. The huge battery will offer you up to 10 hours of continuous usage time and 180 hours of standby, and the rugged exterior makes the smartphone perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.


Among the non-rugged models, there is the VKWorld VK6050s. The smartphone features a 6050mAh battery (5 hours of continuous usage time), Android 5.1 and a 5.5 inch screen.

Smart Wake and Gesture Sensing

Smart Wake_1

Smart Wake and Gesture Sensing are not specific to Chinese Android smartphones. However, the features seem very popular with Chinese manufacturers and more and more recent models come sporting this functionality.

Smart Wake is a cool feature giving you quick access to the selected apps right from the locked screen. For instance, by “drawing” a C on the locked screen, you will get instant access to your Camera.

Gesture Sensing is a great tool for quickly navigating your smartphone. You will be able to wave your hand over the screen to skip tracks or move between applications.

Lots of phones come preloaded with Smart Wake and Gesture Sensing, with Cubot X10 and OUKITEL U2 being good examples.


Cubot X10 Smartphone


Last, but by no means least, Chinese smartphones come with much friendlier price tags than their western counterparts. Especially, when you take into account the number of features they come to offer. If you take a look at the models we have mentioned in this post, you be pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer and for how much. For instance, the No.1 X6800 smartphone (6800mAh battery,5.5 inch screen, Quad Core CPU, IP68 waterproof rating and more) comes for under $200. The Cubot X10 (Octa Core CPU, 5.5 inch IPS OGS screen, Smart Wake) is under $160, and the OUKITEL U2 (with Android 5.1, 5 inch IPS screen, Hot Knot, Smart Wake and more) is on offer at less than $100.


OUKITEL U2 Smartphone

For a great selection of Chinese branded smartphones, check out our Android smartphone collection here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.10.2015. | 20:33
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  1. Hugh Gilmour October 8, 06:37

    Why can I not receive or send photos to my landvo phone and I cannot access the Internet

  2. lonnell October 9, 05:34

    what carriers provide cell phone service for these unlock smart phones

  3. James Mash October 9, 09:16

    These Chinese phones will all be listed with supported bandwidths. On the Chinavasion webpage just check for the bandwidth info under specifications. Then check with your carriers which bandwidths they support and after select a phone that has those supported bandwidths. This website lists many bandwidths for different regions and carries and may be of use but we can’t guarantee its accuracy so its always best to check with the carrier directly.

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