Houses Speak: What Does Your Smart Home Say About You?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.9.2015. | 09:28

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A home represents one of the assets that unite any family. It acts as the comfort hub for the whole family and offers parents an ideal place to nurture their kids. Consequently, a home says a lot about the owner, as well as the entire family. Regardless of where life takes you, the only place you will feel totally secure and attached is in your home. It represents who you are. Your traits, personality, taste, preferences, and creativity can all be read from within your walls.
Whether it is intentional or not, the following things in your home will portray your image and tell the whole world more about you than you could imagine.

The Significance of Having an Efficient Home

The aesthetic value of your home is indeed important for your outward look, but so is your home’s functionality. In this era of sustainable utilization of the environment, nothing shows you are more committed than running your home on green efforts. These could range from rooftop gardens to solar panels or rain water purifiers. Investing in efficient appliances should be a priority, and so is ensuring your appliances insurance. There are a lot of great new technological advances these days that you really do not have any more excuses as to why you aren’t saving or aren’t living in an energy-efficient home. With so many new inventions, and great DIY projects to save money, every home should not just be “high-tech” but also efficient and green.

The Exterior Elements

Forget about those who have the chance to visit your home, the real deal stands with those who can only judge you from the exterior. The choices you make for your home’s exterior are related to your home’s interior as well. Before someone steps into your house, they will have created considerable guesses on what kind of interior to expect.
The sheer size of your home will be the first determinant for people to judge who you are. It often describes your income and lifestyle. Large houses will usually elicit the idea of a well-off person while extremely extravagant homes attract negative attitude, as people tend to think of you as a show-off person. Color choices also reflect who you are. Bold colors portray homeowners who take life courageously and like adventures. On the other hand, muted colors display relaxed, understated or casual owners.

What the Landscaping Should Tell

Any effort you put to shape your landscape will indicate the taste and style you chose. People tend to assume that homeowners with an excellent garden are hardworking. This is mainly due to the energy, investment and planning that was required to build it. Clean lines that are symmetrical in your lawns display a person of order and perfection. Intricate stonework in your landscaping, as well as overstated arrangements, express your love for detail that your family holds as dear. Your yard can tell many stories. Be careful, though, as messy yards imply a lazy owner as well as poor taste about you. Also try updating those outdated satellite dishes or awkward wires that don’t fit in anymore. There are a lot of cool new options for being able to hide satellite dishes or other gadgets that sit on your home.

Your Interior Design Should be Invested Emotionally

The moment family and friends step into your house, the interior design choices continue to tell more about who you are. The color is the defining element as everyone who steps into your house will notice it first. The floor plan also indicates your lifestyle. Open floor plans are attributed to families that show cohesion and continuity. Additionally, houses with closed-off floor plans display a sense of mystery and may even leave people speculating whether you are hiding something. Homes that are also full of cool new gadgets and new technology also tell visitors that you are up to date and willing to change with what the future has to offer. Trying out new tricks for hiding television sets, wiring your home with a great sound system, or having useful new kitchen tech with let others know that you are cultured in new advances and also that you are good at adapting.
Be careful when choosing the materials to build your home. These materials can be used to judge whether you plan on staying there long or not. Bamboo flooring and granite countertops indicate a sense of long haul as well as stay. People who use low quality, cheaper materials are perceived to be saying they do not want to invest heavily in short-term plans.

Be Up-To-Date

Homes should also notify potential buyers or guests that you aren’t stuck in the right side of your brain. New electronics and other gadgets and devices (like Bluetooth speakers and video door phones) present your home in an efficient and smart way. Devices like these not only fit into good designed homes, but they also up their efficiency and your status among friends.
It is amazing how powerful you home is when telling stories about who you are, and this should make every homeowner strive and build their home based on their real tastes and preferences.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.9.2015. | 09:28
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