The New Apple iPhones Are Coming, What Next?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.9.2015. | 13:49

Fans of the Apple products have diligently stood by the product over the years. They have waited patiently for each new phone as it was revealed. They have watched the Apple iPhone grow and blossom over the year. They saw exciting features happen such as a better camera, the addition and the improvements of Siri, colored phone options, bigger sizes, and so much more. Each time that Apple reveals a new product, fans are left thinking “What next?” The iPhone 6 and 6 plus have been on the market for a while now. People are anxiously looking forward to getting the latest and greatest addition. Many are wondering, what features could they possibly spring upon us next?

There has been an announcement that the iPhone 7 is coming. Although it won’t hit store shelves for a while, it’s still fun to speculate. For one, the new Apple iPhone will most likely be thinner. iPhone has worked on making their products larger but they never focused much on the width. People love the sleeker design of a thin phone. That is why this is probably what will be next for Apple. Another direction that Apple should go is to focus on making the screen more durable. If it’s one thing many of us iPhone users learned, it’s that the screen can shatter at the slightest drop. A more durable and crack-proof screen would surely lend itself to more purchasers.

Apple will also need to do some work internally. Right now, there have been reports that users phones crash quite frequently. This can occur when someone opens an app on the phone or Safari. Whatever they’re trying to view simply crashes. Apple needs to address this problem if it wants to retain customers. If there is one thing the Android phones have been good at, it’s developing a camera that users love. Right now, the android camera has more features available than the iPhone camera. They offer many features that a user can put right into the camera when taking the picture. If iPhone wants to compete, they need to do more with their new phones. They need to have more options and they need to have a camera that takes better pictures.

Apple has already begun discussing the iPhone 6s. This is typical practice for the company. The iPhone 6s will be much like the current latest option but it will be offering a new feature. Users will be able to choose the color of their phone. Apple has done this in the past with their 5 line and they have seen some successes from it. Users will now be able to choose beyond the gold, silver, or white phone options. Users can choose more exciting sounding options like rose gold. This is sure to bring out users who want a phone that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Overall, Apple just needs to keep pushing forward and coming up with newer ways to stay on top of the competition. Each phone they reveal generally looks similar to the one before it. It’s typically always the same features and the same layout. Apple is getting better at giving the people what they want. Apple tends to fix the errors in previous phones that people aren’t happy with. Apple listens to customers and enhances features that were already in place. With the new phone, we will most likely see Siri get an enhanced vocabulary. We will also see iPhone update it’s operating system to give us updates such as more emotes. It’s always exciting to see where Apple will go next. At times, it’s something we never truly expect but they need to keep innovating to compete with so many Android offerings that a more often than not considerably cheaper.

This guest article was written by Andy G, a tech geek and Linux guru from Austria. At the present moment he maintains firmware
and driver download website called

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.9.2015. | 13:49
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