Latest Chinavasion Electronics: iDea USA 10.1 Inch Tablet, OUKITEL U2 5 Inch Smartphone & more

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.9.2015. | 15:24

iDea USA 10.1 Inch Tablet

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today we launched a list of exciting new products for your entertainment. One of them is iDea USA 10.1 Inch Tablet. Find out more details below!

iDea USA 10.1 Inch Tablet: Its 10.1 inch screen will make a great home to all your media, and you will have a great portable way to watch videos, listen to music or browse the web. It will also make it easy for to interact with the device, as the screen supports 10-point multi-touch and features 1024×600 resolution. The tablet runs Android 4.4, giving you access to lots of tools. The iDea USA CT1080 is powered by a 5500mAh battery and will give you around 5 hours of continuous use. What’s more, you can load up the tablet with all the files you need thanks to 16GB of internal storage. Also, make full use of the micro SD card slot for an additional external support of 32GB.

OUKITEL U2 5 Inch Smartphone: The Oukitel U2 boasts a nice 5 Inch IPS screen (In-plane switching), letting you have a perfect  display at a variety of angles. The ultra-thin bezel design gives the screen an edgeless look, while preserving the phone’s compact size.  Comes with the latest software update, and you will have Android 5.1 running on your phone. The phone comes with the OTA feature – letting you get wireless software updates whenever those are available. You will also have USB-OTG (On The Go) and Smart Wake functionality. With OTG, you will be able to connect accessories (like a USB drive or a keyboard/mouse directly to the phone). Smart Wake will let you get instant access to the certain apps right from the locked screen. Supporting the 4G network (4G: FDD-LTE 1/3/7/20MHz) and coming with 2 SIM cards.

Anycast M2 Plus Wi-Fi Display Receiver: The Any cast M2 Plus is a simple wireless way to connect your Smartphone or tablet to any HDMI screen or TV. Using the Wireless display function provided by Miracast, DLNA and Airplay protocols this thumb size dongle will let you can stream videos, surf the web, view picture or conduct a video chat on your phone and mirror the display to a big screen for all to see. With this easy to use plug and play wireless dongle you can utilize almost any monitor or screen making presentations, meeting and seminars easy. With all the documents on your tablet or phone its easy to pull them up on a large screen and seamlessly swap between them. Alternatively share your holiday photos with friends or family or settle down for a night at home with a movie played direct from your phone.

Teddy Bear Portable Power Bank: This cute cuddly teddy bear has a surprise; it’s not just a good looking bear but a 5200mAh power bank. With all the gadgets your carrying around this teddy is the perfect and discrete way to keep them charged. The 5200mAh power bank stores enough energy to fully recharge a phone, music player and other portable electronics. So with the bear bare necessities of power taken care of you can rest assured your phone keeps charged while you’re out and about meaning you can focus on the important aspect of enjoying yourself. With a life of around 500 charge cycles you can enjoy hours of extra power for all your USB powered devices with this fashionable and stylish power bank.

4 Port USB Charging Station: The 4 Port USB Charging Station lets you power up 4 devices simultaneously and keep your home or office well-organized. Thanks to the high power output, your smartphones or tablets will be charged much quicker than when plugged into a laptop or PC. Just put it on your desk or in the hallway, plug in your smartphone or tablet when you are home and grab it from the same place as you are about to pop out the door. At the office, the 4 port charging station will be quietly charging all the devices you need in the background, as you are working away on those important projects. Perfect for a home with multiple charging needs, the 4 port USB charging station is a reliable and practical accessory and rather than taking up multiple sockets this charger just needs one plug socket to charge 4 devices.

Octa Core Android 5.1 Wi-Fi TV Box: This powerful RK3368 Octa Core TV Box will turn your TV into a beast of a multimedia station. With a lightening performance and delivering ultra high definition resolutions you can enjoy stunning results on your 4K compatible TV. Miracast and DLNA make connectivity to your portable devices quick and easy while the dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi capabilities will bring a fast, stable wireless connection. With OTG you can plug in extra storage devices to increase the built in memory or make use of the micro SD card slot, which supports up to 32GB of storage. Make use of the two USB ports. This TV box has the Android 5.1 OS system pre installed so you can customize the setup so all your favorite options are right where you need them and with the Google Play store on hand you can access everything you need.

FESTORY F003 In-Ear Bass Earbuds: The FESTORY F003 in-ear bass ear buds bring a powerful stereo performance. The soft silicon coated buds are comfy to ware and block out external noise leaving you with a clear uninterrupted listening experience. This ribbon wired earphone set has a built in microphone and control button and the wide ribbon wire design makes it more resistant to becoming tangled when not in use. With a gold and white finish these high build quality; 3.5mm jack earphones are the perfect accessory for your phone, tablet, mp3 player and many other portable electronics.

Shenle USB Vinyl Turntable: The Shenle turntable is a modern, compact and easy tool, not only for listen to your vinyls, but also to convert your favourite classics into audio files. The turntable is simple to operate and comes with all the necessary cables and accessories for playing and converting your records. To convert your LP into a digital format, all you’ll need is this turntable, a CD that it comes with and your computer. The Shenle turntable supports 3 playback speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM) and comes with RCA stereo output jacks. It’s compact-sized, lightweight, easily-portable and doesn’t take up much space. Made in classic black and silver, the turntable could also make a nice interior design addition to your home and a fun party accessory when you have guests over.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.9.2015. | 15:24
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