Android TV Sticks vs Windows TV sticks: What’s The Best For You?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.9.2015. | 15:43

windows versus android tv stick

Android TV sticks have been out on the market for some time now, but Windows-powered TV sticks are starting to show up in the market. Thus the inevitable comparison has to be made: what will one platform offer that the other doesn’t, and which will best serve your needs and preferences?

Aesthetic Appeal

The first point of contention we’ll toss up in the air is one that is purely subjective: how attractive you find the two operating systems to be.
A Windows TV stick has more streamlined visuals; utilizing tiles and shortcuts that follow a standardized look and feel. By contrast, Android TV sticks tend to lean more toward a free-form look. Developers can come up with their own designs not just for the apps but for their unique take on the operating system itself. Consumers can also set up their own overlays to change the look of the operating system on their sticks for Android TV.
If you want clean and uniform, Windows is the way to go. If you want free-form aesthetic that you can more easily change, then you’ll want to go for an Android TV dongle.

windows tv stick

Software Ecosystem

Android wins, hands-down, when it comes to the breadth and depth of applications that you can install on the operating system. Software and programs, however, is a different story.
Your average Android-powered TV stick has access to the renowned Google Play Store, which is chock-full of apps from both small-time independent developers to big-name AAA developers. Windows, on the other hand, has the advantage of being around for so many years that it has become the platform of choice for so many programs and software – especially where productivity is concerned. As markets mature though, the same programs that used to work exclusively with Windows are starting to make their way to Android.
If you want a lot of apps that are easy to install, go for Android smart TV sticks. If you are willing to install and tweak programs geared for work, then Windows is what you want to pick.


Android is simply the more tweak-friendly of the two platforms, from messing around with window-dressing options to drastically changing many of the core operating system functions.
Microsoft does not take kindly to people messing around with their products. The developers of Windows designed it with uniformity in mind, and is second only to Apple when it comes to protecting the intellectual integrity of its software. On the other hand, Google avoids penalizing people who dig into the guts of Android and re-purpose it for their own needs – including dongles for Android TV.

If you are a tech-head willing to put in the effort to make your smart television kit work for you, then you’ll want to go with Android TV sticks. If you would rather just use the software as-is, then a Windows TV stick is an acceptable choice.

Operating Fluidity

The uniformity of Windows devices tend to make them much faster and more reliable than their entry-level Android counterparts.

Android smart TV sticks with decent specifications tend to work smoothly, although you will still notice the occasional slowdown (or “hiccup”) as you use the device. The lower the specs, the more noticeable these hiccups are. Windows sticks, on the other hand, are not as prone to these hiccups as Android gadgets. They tend to work quite smoothly, and will only slow down when you run multiple, resource-intensive programs at the same time.

If you simply cannot tolerate slowdowns while using your devices, then Windows could work best for you. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on smart television sticks with better specs though, then this issue won’t be a problem for Android.

Keep all these in mind, and you’ll be able to make a better informed decision when choosing between Android TV sticks and Windows TV sticks!

android tv stick

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.9.2015. | 15:43
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