5 Action Camera Accessories To Put On Your Wishlist

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There are a number of components needed to make a good action shot. In addition to a cool idea for a picture and a great action camera, you will need to sort out things like shooting angle, lighting, figuring out the best place for your camera, securing it and more.

Luckily, there are quite a lot of accessories on the market to help you get all these things right. You may already know how to choose the best action camera so in this post, we’ll take a closer look at a few of them.


Action cameras are meant to record some of the most exciting moments of our lives and thus need to follow us on all our extreme adventures. In order to make sure your camera is safe, and your shots are taken at the right angle – you can look into getting a set of mounts.

There are lots of different types of mounts available, and you can choose a few items that match your activities best, or get a whole kit of diverse mounts for any occasion.

If you are into biking, skating, motorbiking or anything that requires a helmet, take a closer look at helmet mounts, that will help you attach your action camera to a helmet and keep your hands free. Thanks to the adjustable straps, a helmet mount will also let you wear your camera directly on your head or cap and capture shots from a headlamp-like perspective.

Wrist straps are probably the most popular action cam accessories. It’s definitely the most versatile mount and lets you take all sort pf pictures, from lanscape shots to quick selfies.

A chest harness is a great accessory for an immersive pic or video. It is a good match for a variety of sports, from motorbiking to paddling, and is also a great way to make video tutorials, as it leaves your hands and legs in the shot.

If you are not sure which particular mount you may use, or want them all – it’s much easier to get all you need in a kit. There are lots of accessory kits for action cameras available. Here are just a few examples:


DAZZNE 6-in-1 action camera accessories  kit


DAZZNE 8-in-1 action camera accessories kit

Remote Control

Among all the available camera accessories, lots of users find this particular item indispensable. A remote control lets you trigger you action cap without getting to it, which is super useful if your camera is mounted in hard-to-reach place, like your helmet, your back, or even perched on a tree. Most remotes are easily strapped onto your wrist and can give you perfect control of your camera, no matter how extreme your activities are.


Wi-Fi Remote Control for GoPro


LED Lights

Sometimes, adventures may take us to places with bad natural lighting. While most action cameras do very well in broad daylight, you may have a harder time capturing a good shot after sunset. Even more so, if your search for adrenaline takes you cave exploring, diving, or night time hiking. Here’s where the LED lights come in. They can illuminate your way in the dark, giving you not only a better shot, but also more control of the situation. Attached directly to your camera, they won’t occupy your hands or create any inconveniences. This small and inexpensive accessory can make a huge difference in your photography.


30m Waterproof LED Lights for action cameras



Since we are talking about control – quite a lot of action cameras come without displays. It’s not a big deal, but it does prevent you from previewing (and after-viewing) the pictures and videos you have taken. Thus, you may miss out on correcting a few mistakes early in the process, or even be disappointed with the final result. A detachable display is a good way to tackle all of these potential problems. It’s small enough to not make much difference to the weight and dimensions of your camera, yet comes with significant benefits. In addition to working on your mistakes, you will also enjoy having previews of how your pics and videos will look on the big screen.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.05.15 AM

2 inch LCD display for GoPro


This is, without a doubt, the ultimate action camera accessory. It takes most of the work out of your hands and into the air (literally), letting you concentrate on the exciting activities at hand. So, even if you are hanging off a cliff, you can count on airborne companion to not miss a single shot of your exciting adventure.


Cheerson CX20 Quad Copter


With drones being used in landscape and action photography more and more frequently, you can now see concepts of devices with that particular purpose in mind.

Nixie, for instance, wants to be a mix of a wearable and a drone, flying off your wrist whenever you need to take an action selfie.


AirDog and Lily have by now become household names in the field, aiming to give you sturdy and independent devices that will follow you like paparazzi until they get that perfect action shot.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.9.2015. | 17:48
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