Top 10 Car Gadgets To Own

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If you’re itching for car gadgets to improve your ride but are not quite sure what kinds of gadgets for cars you should pick up, then you’ll definitely want to go over this list of fun, cool and useful gadgets to go with your car:car gadgets 4

  1. OBD II Car Code Readers: simply plug this nifty little device into your car’s OBD II connector (located under the driver’s side of the dashboard) and it’ll quickly show you what’s wrong with your car before those little issues become very dangerous and very expensive problems to fix.
  1. Android GPS Navigation System: this particular line of Android gadgets will allow you to easily set up a navigation system without having to go through your car’s interior to do so. Just mount the system on your dash, plug it into your car’s DC connector (aka the slot for your car’s cigarette lighter) and you should be good to go!
  2. Car Power Inverter: speaking of your car’s DC connector, snapping up a car power converter is a good idea for powering all sorts of other gadgets and electronics in your car. Converting a 12V DC outlet to make it compatible for car gadgets requiring 220V AC to work is always a useful option to have for the techie.
  3. Wi-Fi Dongle: these dongles will hook up to mobile 3G, 4G and LTE wireless internet and pass the access along as Wi-Fi signals. Being able to gain Internet access via Wi-Fi is an excellent idea not just for various gadgets for the car, but also for anyone bringing in a mobile device inside the car.

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  1. Headrest Monitors: pair it with a DVD player or set up some Android-based video game systems, and these car gadgets will keep your rear passengers nice and busy during long trips. Very useful if you have passengers that are easily bored and have a tendency to get rowdy when they do get bored.
  2. Parking Sensor: parking can be a real pain, especially when you have to squeeze into tight spaces where you risk dents or scratches. These car gadgets use ‘sonar’ along with audio cues to help you better approximate your distance from objects behind your car – always a good idea when backing up.
  3. Reverse Camera: need a bit more help backing up, or just don’t like the beeping used by traditional parking sensors? This line of car tech will let you see what’s behind you as you back up, and often come with visual markers to help you better approximate how close you are to objects behind the car. Also useful when backing up on objects that are too small to trigger the sonar of other parking sensors.

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  1. Wide-Angle Car DVR System: speaking of cameras, car DVR systems are a must-have line of car gadgets. The footage they record will be of great help when you figure into an accident, for capturing weird events that you want to share with others, or for providing evidence when someone tries to extort or pull a scam on you.
  2. Breathalyzer Keychain: this line of car accessories is useful for determining whether you’re fit for driving or if you need to have someone else behind the wheel. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to overestimate your sobriety – especially when you think you’re only drunk enough to be buzzed, not impaired.
  3. GPS Car Tracker: hide this line of car interior gadgets where it won’t be easily spotted, and you’ll be able to track where your car is going. Very useful for those managing fleets of vehicles and want to check whether their drivers are getting the job done or making unnecessary side trips. Some of these car gadgets even come with a geofencing feature that alerts you via email or text message if the car leaves a specified area.

Chinavasion offers a wide array of affordable yet high-quality car gadgets, from code readers to breathalyzer key chains. Visit today to learn more!

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.9.2015. | 15:01
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