What Is Smart Wake And How To Use It?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.8.2015. | 18:40

Smart Wake

You may have heard of Smart Wake on a number of occasions. It’s a feature mostly present in newer smartphone models and those coming with the later versions of Android OS.

What is Smart Wake exactly and how does it work? Let’s find out.

Smart Wake sometimes listed as smartwake,  lets you access specific applications right from the locked screen. For instance, with Smart Wake on your phone, you can draw a “C” on the locked screen and have your Camera app open up instantly. There are many options in the feature and more specific details depend on your smartphone manufacturer. However, the standard version looks something like this:

  • Double Tap to wake your screen.
  • Draw Up to unlock your screen.
  • Draw a “C” on the locked screen to get to Camera.
  • Draw an “M” on the locked screen to open Messages.
  • Draw an “e” on the locked screen to open up your Web Browser.
  • Draw a “W” on the locked screen to go to Settings/Home
  • For the Music Player: draw right to skip to the next song, draw left to go to the previous one.

With some models, you will have even more luck, as they will allow you to customize the above settings and assign the letters to any app you like. For instance, you can set “W” to express-open Whatsapp or “O” to go directly to your Two Dots game.

Smart Wake is convenient and fun. With quick access to your most frequently used apps, your smartphone life can become much easier. If you see something picture-worthy, a simple drawing on the screen will get the camera going. Maybe you need to check a quick fact in Wikipedia? Great, make the “W” represent Wikipedia app and show off your just-gained knowledge among friends and colleagues.

There are lots of uses to the feature and quite a lot of phones already have it available for you. Its normally very easy to set up and enable.

If you are wondering how to enable Smart Wake on your phone, here are the detailed instructions: How To Enable Smart Wake On Android Phones.

Or, watch how to enable Smart Wake on specific smartphone models: How To Enable Smart Wake Feature On DOOGEE Titans2 DG700 (Turbo Mini F1, Iron Bone, Voyager 2, Turbo 2 And More) and How To Enable Smart Wake Feature On Cubot X10.


Smart Gesture and Smart Wake are not the same. Yes, the concepts are similar – as both features allow you to activate and unlock the screen more conveniently. However, Smart Gestures rely on your phone’s proximity sensor. The function allows you, for instance, to pass your hand over the smartphone’s screen to activate it or skip music tracks by waving from the right to the left as well as things like auto answering a phone call when you lift the device to your ear.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.8.2015. | 18:40
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  1. Niel December 24, 07:55

    St pls help me..I have cherrymobile flare x..there’s no smart wake and gesture..what hapend..I try to look for it on the settings but it don’t show off..I saw from utube a revs..the KitKat is it has gesture and smart wake..while Ive got a lollipop..what happens?can u help me? I hope to hear from you soon..thank you

  2. James Mash December 24, 09:11

    Hi Niel,

    I’m not sure if the Cherry Flare X has smart wake or not as its not a phone we sell or have reviewed. However I would suggest you check to see if there is a smart wake app on the phone as some devices have the settings in a custom app rather than in the settings menu.

    Other than that I would advise to contact the supplier where you purchased the phone and ask them to advise you as they may be able to resolve this for you or swap the phone with a version of it with the features you wanted.

    Hope this helps, and let us know how you get on.

  3. natty January 2, 09:27

    Smart wake doesn’t work on my laude x8

  4. jm March 15, 02:10

    @neil…your cherry flare x is flare x v2. there is no smart wake and gesture feature. it is only available in flare x v1. hope this helps..

  5. Jayrald October 17, 11:16

    My Flare S5 mini has its Smart Wake but when I enabled it, there’s no changes happened to my screen..thu’ I lock it and draw some letters. Any idea what’s the problem?

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