8 Weird But Cool Accessories For Your 6 Inch Smartphone / Phablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2015. | 16:14

Android_Projector_Phone_has_a_HZLp60so.JPG.thumb_400x400If you’re looking for hardware that’ll let you do more with your 6 inch smartphone, then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of weird but cool accessories to pair with your phablet:

  1. Smart Watch – smart watches have been getting more and more useful as smartphones get larger and larger. You don’t need to pull out your oversized phone just to glance at the time, check incoming text messages or review email messages coming through wireless internet access points. And with recent smart watchmodels getting more affordable, it’s easy to see how they’re starting to become more visible as an increasing number of people switch over to 6 inch phones.
  2. Bluetooth Talking Pen – if you’re more comfortable using the traditional form-factor of holding a phone to the side of your head, then a talking pen is an excellent partner to your 6 inch tablet phone. Slip the pen in and out of your pocket, hold it up to your ear when making or receiving a call, and you’ll be able to chat without the trouble of setting up a wireless headset.
  3. Spider Stand – a spider stand with folding legs is an ultra-compact means of propping up your 6 inch smartphone on a flat surface like your desk or kitchen counter. Just unfold the spider stand, mount your phone in the bracket, adjust the angle so the phone matches your head position and you’ll be able to turn your 6 inch phablet into a stand-alone display while you get other things done.
  4. Mini Projector – speaking of displays, pairing your 6 inch smartphone with a mini projector is an excellent way of magnifying the display to watch videos or review documents with comfort. Just find a relatively enclosed room, turn down the lights and presto – a nifty way of getting a full-sized viewing experience from a miniature device!
  5. Bluetooth Gloves – winter can be pretty tough on naked hands, especially when gripping a large 6 inch screen smartphone. So why expose your fingers to the elements when you can wear a pair of gloves that doubles as a wireless headset for your 6 inch smartphone? You might even freak a few people out when they see you and think you’re talking into an imaginary phone that isn’t quite imaginary!
  6. Digital Microscope – with this accessory, you’ll be able to convert your 6 inch mobile phone into a viewing port to magnify objects up to 200 times their normal size. This makes wireless digital microscopes pretty useful for microbiologists, geodetic engineers, forensic scientists, zoologists or practically anyone that needs to get really up close and personal even while in the field.Nexus-smartwatch-2
  7. Bluetooth Keychain–these versatile little devices can function in a variety of different ways, from snapping photos at a distance to triggering an alarm just in case you lost your phone around the house and can’t seem to find it. On the flipside, you can also use your 6 inch smartphone to trigger the alarm on your keychain – perfect when you misplaced your car or house keys.
  8. Gamepad With Mount – video game enthusiasts keen on using their smartphones will definitely find this accessory useful. Pair the gamepad to the phone, attach the phone to the mount, and you’ll have the perfect handheld gaming setup with your phone. This is especially useful for emulators that rely more on button controls instead of touch or swipe controls.

Keep this list in mind, and you’ll have a better idea of what kind of cool, off-kilter accessories to pair up with your 6 inch smartphone!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2015. | 16:14
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