What Are Smart Rings All About?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2015. | 22:54

We have already got quite comfortable with wearables, especially smart watches. We know what they do, how much they cost, and are almost ready to make up our minds on whether we want one.

However, some wearables are still a mystery. Crowdfunding campaigns are full of projects promising to move all the wearable power from our wrist to our fingers. Yes, smart rings are here and they plan to make some noise.

Are they what they claim to be? Let’s take a look at a few examples first.

MOTA DOI SmartRing


One of the hottest smart rings on Kickstarter is MOTA DOI SmartRing. The accessory works with your Android and iOS devices, and works similar to the way a smart watch does. It will vibrate when you have incoming notifications about a call, text, email or social media. The ring even has a teeny-tiny touchscreen that you can swipe to move between notifications. The battery should last from one day to three and is rechargeable via a wireless charging station.

The watch is not mass-marketed yet, but you can pre-order one on https://www.mota.com/doi-smart-ring/.




With a simple and modest name, Ring is no simple accessory. The rings works as a controller for various Bluetooth devices, and all you have to do is use a set of gestures to perform various actions on the other device. For instance, you can control your music, compose a tweet and lots more. All in all, there are 23 supported gestures and, with Ring on your finger, you are sure to start moving more – at the very least, your hands will get a good workout. No luck though, as Ring has been sold out.

Fin Ring


Fin Ring also lets you put gestures to good use. What’s special about it is that it is designed specifically for one finger. No, not that one. The rings is meant for your thumb. Once the ring is on your biggest digit, you can tap it against individual finger segments to perform various actions. When paired with your smartphone, you can even use the ring to make calls. Fin promises to last for up to a month on a single battery and control three devices at simultaneously.



Ringly may not offer any special features on the technical side, but it finally brings some fine style to the wearable section. Each ring comes with a precious stone (you can choose between emerald, quartz, sapphire or moonstone), and uses Bluetooth to send you notifications from your smartphone. There is no screen and no LED lights on the ring, and it uses light vibrations to give you the needed information regarding calls, texts, emails, calendar events and more. You can get Ringly here.

Some of the above products have already been sold out. So, there is lots if interest in the gadgets –  but we still don’t know whether a smart ring can do what it promises to do. We will have to wait and see.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2015. | 22:54
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  1. GigaREX Electronics August 26, 23:51

    Innovative Android wearables are certainly here to stay! As you state in your article smart watches are already about to become a really popular product.

    When do you think that you’ll start to sell Smart Rings also on Chinavasion? Looking forward to that!

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