Play Like A Pro: Best Video Gaming Accessories

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.8.2015. | 15:09

You may be a professional gamer, someone who really likes to play or someone who is just thinking about getting in the game. Whatever the case, there are lots of gaming accessories out there that can enhance your experience. Here are just a few examples.

Game Capture

Game Capture_1

ElGato HD Capture HD


If you’ve been into gaming for quite a while, you may have already gathered up a nice collection of cool moves, clever strategies and just fun moments you wish you could share with friends. Unfortunately, talking for hours about a cool hour of gaming is not exactly the best way to convey those emotions. Luckily, there are more expressive ways to share your digital achievements. With game capture boxes, you can record the key moments of your gameplay in HD and easily share them with one click of a button.

Gaming Headset


Kotion Each G2000 Pro Gaming Headset


One of the most important components for a successful gameplay is immersion. If you don’t want anything to interrupt you from crashing that car into a lamp post, you need a quality headset to make that happen. With the headset on, nothing will pull you out from the digital world, and your gaming experience is sure to get way better. You can also look for a headset that comes with extras. Some come with LED lighting to make you look cool when playing cool, others will be extra padded for extra long hours of gaming and then there are those that are just really beautifully designed.

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

X Rocker Gaming Chair

As you get serious about gaming, sitting on the sofa may no longer be exciting enough to match all the fun you have when playing. If this is the case, you can move on to upgrading the furniture. A gaming chair is not just an extra place to sit on. Most models come with stereo speakers, letting you really feel the game and do that in comfort. Gaming chairs won’t take up too much space, and you can easily fold and hide them, should your gaming life be a secret.

Gaming Controller

Rock Candy Game Controller

Xbox Rock Candy Game Controller


True, a gaming controller is more of a necessity than an accessory. However, since this the one accessory that we seem to be using (and hurting) the most during gameplay, it may be worthwhile to invest in upgrading this simple gadget. There are lots of custom-made controllers out there, catering to various needs and taste. Some are easier to hold if plan to play games for hours in end, some glow in the dark and others, once again, come in super cool styles.

Racing Wheels

PS4 Racing Wheels

PS4 Racing Wheel


We all have favourites among video games, and if your favorites happen to be video games, this may be reason enough to get equipped. With a cool racing wheel, you can truly feel like a pro racer and add some exercise to your gaming routine. Gaming wheels come in various styles, are super easy to use and will get your blood pumping as you are making another sharp turn on your couch.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.8.2015. | 15:09
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