5 Best Free Smartwatch Apps of 2015

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.8.2015. | 23:58

As new smartwatch models are coming out and the existing ones are constantly getting new updates, it’s time to take a look at some of the latest applications available for our smartwear.



If you have ever dabbled into anything to do with the Internet of Things, you are probably already well familiar with IFTTT – If This Then That engine. The app works in a similar way as the web engine, and you will be able to use lots of “recipes” to set things in motion. With Android wear, you can use the app to create connections between various social media, like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and more. For instance, automatically save all your favourite tweets to Evernote.

Calc  Wear

Calc Wear

You definitely won’t surprise anyone with a calculator these days, but we still need to count things. A smartwatch seems to be the best carrier for a calculator app, as that means you won’t have to take out your smartphone for a simple 2+2 action. Calc Wear is a free app made for Android smartwatches and will turn your watch face into a clear and simple calculator right on your wrist.

Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android

We have already talked about Sleep As Android when listing some of the best apps for Android smartphones. However, it seems to be an even better match for Android Wear. Why? The app tracks your sleep, based on how you move throughout the night. It thus seems quite natural that it would be able to gather that information better while being on your wrist.



We all love how easy it is these days to get information online and consult online encyclopedias. Yes, we are talking Wikipedia. However, try getting some information out of the website on a tiny smartwatch screen, and you will go into a seizure from all the scrolling. Luckily, the free application Attopedia will source content from Wikipedia and display it in a format perfect for a smartwatch’s screen.

Instaweather For Android Wear


There are lots of weather apps out there and quite a few of them work really well with a small watch face. However, Instaweather comes with a nice set of distinctive features, that make it stand out. The interface is really nice and you will get lots of weather details, even in the form of graphs and charts. The app will even alert you in real time if rain is headed your way.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.8.2015. | 23:58
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  1. Abrar Mohi Shafee December 5, 12:54


    Good apps!

    I have another suggestion for computer lover. Name of the app is “Wear Stand-up Alert + Bubble”.

    It will remind you to stand up if you are sitting long at a stretch. Doctor recommends that we should stand up at least once a hour.


  2. Facundo Espinosa October 4, 13:18

    Great tips!

    I use the Sleep paterns from Fitbit and It was really usefeull to understand what was going on during my sleeps.

    But I know that the Sleep as Android is a good choice as well

  3. David Wright June 19, 20:58

    Nice apps!

    I would also add some map to the list (e.g. Citymapper). Very useful, especially when you have to check your location or find the address while cycling, running and other similar activities when holding a phone in hand is not suitable at all.


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