Latest Chinavasion Electronics: iDea 8+ Windows 8.1 Bing Tablet PC, 700W Dual Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter “Galactic Wheels 700” & more

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iDea 8+ Windows 8.1 Bing Tablet PC

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Some eye catching products have been launched today, these include the elegant iDea 8+ Windows 8.1 Bing Tablet PC. Scroll down to find out more about these new additions and order them right away!

iDea 8+ Windows 8.1 Bing Tablet PC: The iDea 8+ Tablet PC comes with a 1280×800 IPS display that brings out the vibrant colors in all your movies and games while letting you view the screen from a wider angle without it becoming blurred or distorted. With Windows 8.1 Bing installed you can enjoy the a great user interface that was designed specifically for touch screen interactions. The Tablet has 16GB of flash memory and this si easily expanded using the micro SD card slot. With a front and rear 2MP camera you can take photos, record videos and enjoy chatting with family and friend son Skype in resolutions up to 720p. OTG offers a quick and easy way to swap files and the iDea 8+ Tablet also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that further expand the connectivity you can enjoy.

700W Dual Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter “Galactic Wheels 700”: With its 10 inch inflatable tires the “Galactic Wheels 700” dual wheel electric scooter can cruise along at speeds up to 16 km/h and cover around 20 kilometers from one charge giving this two wheeled rideable a respectable range. Each wheel is driven by an independent 350W electric motor and with a 4400mAh Samsung lithium battery there is enough power and torque to tackle gentle climbs while handling a load up to 110kg. Built in gyroscopes in each wheel keep you perfectly balanced and to the dual wheel is controlled by sensors detecting the pressure of your feet. To help keep you safe and visible when out an about there are 4 lights on the scooter, two on the front and two on the back so not only will you be visible night and day but you will also attract the envious attention of those around you.

Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Fitness Band: Not only with this smart wristband track your steps and calories burnt through the day but it will also log the quality of sleep you getting each night. Just download the free fitness app, then pair the fitness band to your Android or iOS devices and you will see a wealth of functions and features keeping you informed and up to date on your fitness program. The built in pedometer and calorie counter will inform you of how much energy you have expended and the number of steps you have covered. A built in 200mAh battery brings a spectacular 7 days of standby time which means you won’t have to recharge this healthy wristband each day. When you do its simple and quick to remove the wrist strap and plug in the charging lead to the concealed micro USB slot. After just one hour the battery will be charged up again and ready to go.

Uhappy UW1 Bluetooth Phone Watch: With this Bluetooth companion on your wrist you will be able to sync phone call and text messages from your phone, play music and also take photos as well as being notified if it gets more than 10 meter from your paired mobile device thanks to its anti lost feature. More than just a timepiece this intelligent watch supports GSM and has a SIM card slot letting you use it as a phone on 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies so you can leave the phone at home and use it as a light weight compact alternative for calling and texting your friends. Its sleep monitor will even help you get a better night’s sleep. The Uhappy smart watch can be used alongside an Android Smartphone and the two devices can be easily paired via Bluetooth, after the first connection NFC will let you reconnect any time by just tapping the two supported devices together.

Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wristband: The right fitness accessory can make your journey to a healthier life much easier and way more exciting. Especially, if that accessory is great looking, lightweight and reasonably priced. You will know how many steps you have taken and the distance you have covered, you will see how many calories you have lost. The smart wristbabnd can be paired with Android and IOS devices – and with a quick app download, you will have an even more comprehensive fitness plan. Thanks to the support of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, the wristband will sync with your smartphone quickly and data exchange will be fast. The smart bracelet won’t let your workout be interrupted by bad weather. If you are willing to keep going through a light rain, so is the wristband – it’s well protected against weather troubles.

Adjustable Selfie Stick For iOS + Android Smartphones: Suitable for smart phones running on the iOS 5 and above OS or using Android 4.2 and above, this light weight selife stick is a perfect companion to your cell phone. To use this selfie stick just connect the 3.5 mm lead to your phone’s earphone jack and then enable the volume shutter control feature in the camera or phones settings. With an extended range of 77 cm, you will have enough reach for panoramic and landscape shots, when not in use just fold the selfie stick down to its 21cm compressed form and carry it in your bag or hand as it only weighs 115 grams. Most cell phones will fit easily within the phone clip that accommodated devices between 6 and 9.5 cm. sporting a firm sprung clip with rubber grip it will hold on tight to your precious phone to prevent and slips or falls.

Kotion Each G2000 Pro Gaming Headset: The headset aims to provide an immersive experience for hours of gameplay – it’s padded on the top and around the ears, making sure you feel no discomfort, and as the time goes by, you may even completely forget you are wearing a headset at all. To make sure nothing gets in the way, all the controls are conveniently located on the audio lead, letting you quickly adjust the volume or mute the mic when needed. The audio lead has been made extra durable and will stay intact even as you accidentally jerk it or ride over it with your chair. The headset comes with built-in LED lights, that will turn on as you plug it in and enhance the gaming atmosphere as the room gets dark. It’s not all about the gaming. You can easily and conveniently use the headset to chat with friends on Skype or simply listen to music.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.8.2015. | 15:54
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