You’ll Only Need Some Paper: 3 Super Simple DIY Speakers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.8.2015. | 10:40

There are lots of wonderful speakers available on the market – we would know as we have quite a nice selection in our Bluetooth Speakers section.

However, that is not to say that from time to time, we should not indulge into a little DIY creativity. There are actually quite a few examples when a homemade speaker can give you as much joy and fun as a store bought one.

Look around. There are actually quite a lot of thing that could function as a speaker – you just don’t know that yet. In this post, we look at a few ideas for DIY speakers.

As Google Search results demonstrate, almost anything can be turned into a speaker:


Sneakers Speakers

 Tree trunks

Tree Trunks

And more

DIY Speakers_1 DIY speakers_3

We’d like to take a look at a few more earthly ideas that you could easily bring to life this coming weekend.

Here we go.

Two Paper Cups + An Empty Toilet Paper Roll

homemade speakers

We live in difficult times. Should you ever find yourself with a smartphone, two paper cups and an empty roll of toilet paper (all quite easy to procure), you can make the best of it and boost your smartphone volume. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Take two paper cups (the type that you usually found by the water cooler)
  • Take an empty roll of toilet paper and cut a hole at the top of it, ***, big enough to “stand” your smartphone there.
  • Then connect the two paper cups with the roll of toilet paper, so that the long cut in the toilet paper roll is facing upwards.
  • Put the phone in the opening and paly your favourite track.

4 Paper Cups

Cup Speakers

If you have unlimited access to paper cups (or at least 4 of them) and headphones, you can also make a simple speaker, that wouls also look pretty cool on your desk. Making this one is simpler than ever. Make small earbud-sized holes at the bottom of the two cups, ans carefully out the earbuds through. Place the each cup on top of another one and fire off the music.

Rolled Up Paper

If you don’t happen to have anything of the above, a simple sheet of paper will do.Roll up the paper and place your phone in the opening on one end, so that the phone’s speaker is inside the roll.Get the music going and enjoy the simplest speaker ever made.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.8.2015. | 10:40
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