What We Already Know About 5G

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2015. | 20:07

5G Network

We are never happy with what we have. While we are enjoying the fast 4G network on our devices already, we can’t help but hopefully look into the future in the anticipation of 5G. Well, it’s coming and here’s what we already know.

Things Will Keep Getting Faster

It’s safe to assume that 5G will be faster than 4G, probably much faster. Data speeds are expected to reach 800Gbps, giving the 5G network adapters unprecedented downloading capabilities.

However, the word on the street is, there will be even more to it than that. According to the UK’s 5G Innovation Centre, we will also see “a dramatic overhaul and harmonization of the radio spectrum”. This is good news for the growing number of connected devices that currently have to look for empty slots in the patchwork of the radiofrequency spectrum. With the Internet of Things being the talk of the town, 5G developers are taking notice and will make sure more devices are accommodated within the network.

Things Will Keep Getting Smarter

5G is expected to bring in more personalization and customization. Designed to work with lots of devices, the network will give its users lots more options for controlling their environment. You may be able to watch movies with the format being automatically adjusted to your gadget’s screen size, calls may be redirected to your preferred devices and information can be fetched and displayed just the way you like. The network will be smarter and have learning capabilities, remembering and adjusting to your preferences.

It May Take A While (But Not That Long)

There is no definite deadline for when 5G will be available, but South Korea and Japan are very eager to get it going in time for the Olympic games they will be hosting (2018 and 2020). Money is being spent on the idea as well. South Korea is investing $1.5 billion into the project, and the EU has allocated the budget of €700m.

With such heavy financing and Olympic ambition fuelling up the project, we are sure to see 5G up close by 2020.

The Race Is On

It’s hard to say who will be the first to get the technology rolling, but based simply on financing and ambition, South Korea has a good chance of pinning down this one. The country was the first to launch 4G, after all.

The next question is how fast will the technology be adopted. It took 4G 3 years to conquer the hearts of most users, but that was partly due to a great number of devices supporting it. The forecast is that by 2025 the US will have the largest number of 5G users (surprise, surprise), followed closely by China, Japan, South Korea and the UK.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2015. | 20:07
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  1. Adolph Morrison August 20, 15:32

    Can’t wait to have 5G in Ghana.

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