Latest Chinavasion Electronics: 120 Lumen Mini Android DLP Projector, 13.3 Inch Roof Mounted Car Monitor & more

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120 Lumen Mini Android DLP Projector

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today we have some thrilling new additions to our website. These amazing new products include 120 Lumen Mini Android DLP Projector and more. Keep reading to find out in detail about them!

120 Lumen Mini Android DLP Projector: This innovative mini E06S DLP projector now comes with Android 4.4 and a powerful RK3028 Quad Core, 1.4GHz processor so you can enjoy all the sweet features that are packed into this splendid pocket projector including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB input options as well as integrated stereo speaker. This Mini projector makes use advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology that brings crystal clear, razor-sharp and lifelike images at 10 to 100 inches. With an output of 120 lumens you can see the images clearly with the lights on. Coming with the Android version 4.4 operating system preinstalled you will have access to favorite apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and many more so you can browse the web, updated your photos and even share them online all through a large screen.

13.3 Inch Roof Mounted Car Monitor: It’s a great space-saver that does not take up any extra room in your vehicle. It can be easily hidden in the inner roof liner of your car, when not in use. It’s high position will put an end to pushing and shoving in the back seat of your car, as every passenger will get a clear unobstructed view of the display. It comes with a 13.3 inch display and has a 1920×1080 resolution, great for your movies and games. Speaking of games, thanks to the array of inputs you can easily have lots of fun playing all sorts of games. The monitor supports both PAL and NTSC formats, has USB and SD cards slots and can also be connected to external devices via HDMI. The installation process is fairly simple for those familiar with the car’s electrical wiring. However, you could always hire a professional for the task – the savings from buying the device at a wholesale price can easily cover the cost.

4 Camera DVR Surveillance Kit “SecureView II”: This complete surveillance kit comes with 4 outdoor night vision security cameras, a 4 channel DVR with SATA port and all the cables you require is a once click solution to owning your very own easy to install and comprehensive CCTV security system. This professional solution to your security needs offers high performance video surveillance with four 1 /4 CMOS security cameras that each have a 60 degree viewing angle and 420 TVL resolution. Day or night this will provide proficient video surveillance. Video recording can be accomplished by connecting a HDD of up to 2TB to the DVR unit and remote viewing is possible via your Smartphone laptop or tablet PC via video streaming. The 4 outdoor security cameras are constructed from high grade aluminum and feature sliding hoods that can help protect them from the elements.

Allocacoc US PowerCube Original: If you have lots of devices that need charging (and most of us do), the PowerCube will become your best friend and lifesaver. The PowerCube Original is designed in such a way that you can plug up to 5 devices, without any of them getting in the way of each other. Each side of the PowerCube can provide enough space to power your devices comfortably. Thanks to the modular design, you can even connect several plugs together, making various combinations to suit your purpose, design ambition or simply add a fun colourul element to your desk. The PowerCube is a great space saver, especially in the areas when you need lots of appliances plugged in. It’s easy to take care of, just, plug into any socket and even take with you when traveling. The cube is a US type socket and comes with 15A rated current, 1875W rated output and the voltage of 125V.

8 Channel HD NVR: Each of the 8 outdoor cameras has Dot Matrix IR LED arrays that provide an outstanding 30 meter night vision letting them record great detail in low lighting conditions and they can capture 1080p HD footage. The motion detection lets you set up multiple detection areas and fine tune the sensitivity. With a NVR you have the advantage of being able to set up the recorder in a different location from the cameras, and as long as the can both connect via a network they can be located miles apart. The NVR in this security kit can support a hard disk drive up to 4TB via its SATA port and H.264 image encoding. As long as you have a network connection you could even check in from the other side of the world so you can access the system from virtually anywhere. Because this particular system is ONVIF 2.0 compliant it can easily be added to later or work in conjunction with other ONVIF compatible systems.

Allocacoc US PowerCube Extended USB: With 4 US type plug sockets and 2 USB ports you can connect all manner of devices and because of the plug layout each port can be used without impeding access or functionality of any of the others. Its 1.5 meter (5ft ), extension cord lets the PowerCube Extended USB reach those out of the way sockets and bring their power to exactly where you need it. You can relocate and turn one plug socket in to 4 US type sockets with 2 additional USB ports that lets you connect anything you need in a convenient, easy to reach location. To secure it the PowerCube in place just use the docking port and adisive pads provided. This PowerCube has 4 US type sockets as well as 2 USB ports, and supports up to 15Amps and 125Volts. The modular design lets you add any number of PowerCubes together so you can customize the plug setup wherever you need them.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.8.2015. | 13:40
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