These Technologies Are Changing The Way Charging Works

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2015. | 07:24

Only a few years back we got super excited over screen sizes and multiple cores. Now we have smartphones we can barely hold with two hands, powerful tablets, laptops with rotating screens and more. In our drive for the fanciest specs, we may have often overlooked the one detail that is becoming the one setback in our otherwise seamless tech ambition – the battery.

In this post, we take a look at some at some cool advances in battery tech and how they can bring down the urgency factor when it comes to powering up our electronics.

Super Fast Chargers

Quite a lot of companies are currently working on batteries that can bring down the charging time of you most frequently used gadgets to a minimum.

As early as 2014, StoreDot promised that you could soon charge your Galaxy S4 to full capacity (!) in under 30 seconds! The setup includes both Flash Battery and Flash Charger and is currently under development.However, you may not have to hold your breath for too long, as the rapid chargers may be arriving later this year.


StoreDot – Charging Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds

Heat Up Your Gadgets

What if we lived in an ideal world and never had to carry chargers? Well, Korea may get there faster than the rest of us. A Korean research team have been working on a way to charge our gadgets by using the heat in our own bodies. Called a thermoelectric generator, the device can easily be attached even to the smallest wearable electronics and can then turn heat into energy.

Thermoelectric Generator

Thermoelectric Generator

Kinetic Chargers

In the world where everyone would love to sit down, it’s great to have products that encourage us to get off our … chair and get going. A kinetic charger is a small device that you can wear on your body as you work out, run or simply walk. The collected energy is then used to add a boost to your smartphone or charge up small accessories. Ampy is a good example of a kinetic charger.It is now on Kickstarter and doing quite well.


AMPY, kinetic charger

Any Shape You Want

As our gadget designs are becoming more and more “out there”, batteries have to follow. Fitting a conventional rectangular battery into a fancy curved smartphone may be a challenge. But don’t worry, manufacturers are taking notice. LG G2 actually used a Stepped battery, resulting in some extra battery life for the smartphone, that was stored in the battery’s “hump”.

Stepped Batteryy

LG G2 Stepped Battery

Charging Tables

When something appears in IKEA catalogue, we think of it as pretty much mainstream. However, most of us have yet to walk into a house when we can charge gadgets by simply putting them on the table – but this may all be happening quite soon. Lots of companies are now exploring the charging table idea, and IKEA is by far not the only store where you can get your hands on one.

Ikea Charging Tables

IKEA Charging Table

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2015. | 07:24
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