How To Convert Movies Or Other Video To Watch On Your MP4 Player

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.6.2007. | 17:12

MP4 movies can be a snap to convert. Oh, wait… Then again, they can be huge headaches. It all comes down to a little know how.


Therefore, in my never ending quest to further edify and clarify, here is a little generalized list of how to convert movies on Chinese MP4s.

If you already knew this/ figured this out, congratulations oh Luminary of MP4s. If you do not know/ sent emails for clarification and still don’t know/ pleaded to your deity for divine intervention and got no answer, I hope this helps.

Feel free to comment, and or suggest changes, but remember this is a generalized "how to" for the conversion of movies.

You think it needs more specifics for your MP4, add it if you want.

1. Take the Mini CD that you got with the MP4, put it in the computer, and open the CD.

2. Click on a folder with words like "Converter" or "Conversion" or something similar to that in the file name. There might also be other names, and it might not even say converter, but a quick look inside the files should tell you what the program is for.

3. Sometimes you need to install the converter, other times it can simply be clicked and dragged to your desktop. Click on the converter icon, and if it brings up a installation program, install it. If it opens the conversion program, just click and drag it from the CD menu to your Desktop for quick use.

4. Now you have downloaded your converter. If it was installed rather than clicked and dragged, click the main "Start" for your computer..go to "programs"..look for the program you installed. Click on the icon that says the conversion format (SMC, NVX, ect), or looks like something that has to do with movies. This will open the conversion software. You can now use the converter any time from your start menu, but I personally would click and drag the converter icon to my desktop so I can find it easily.

5. Open the Conversion program, and you should see a screen with input file/ souce and output file/ target somewhere on the menu screen. Or maybe it says something else. This can change depending on the conversion software. Basically, just look for the buttons that are able to be pushed. They are the first ones you will need.


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6. Choose/Find/Steal/Download a video file to convert for the player (it must be one in a format that is advertised as compatible with this Player) Also, I suggest you put the video file somewhere easy to remember on your computer (for example on your desktop ) and give the video file an easy to remember name to make the next step easier.

7. Push input file/source, click it and some kind of browse menu should come up. Choose the movie file to convert (remember what I suggested in Step 6? Aren’t you glad you followed it now?) Push output file/target, and choose where the file will be go after the conversion (again on your desktop where it is easy to find) and what the file’s name will be (if you want to change it).

8. Find some button on the menu that says start, or convert, or just looks suspiciously like it might convert files, and push it. Conversion will automatically take place after you push it, and the converted file will go wherever you told it to go (remember step 7 and the output file advice).

9. Plug your USB into the computer and to the MP4, and after you have connected and opened the MP4s files, click and drag the movie file to the MP4. You don’t have to create a special movie folder, and you do not have to put the movie in any of the folders already on the MP4 in order for it to play. The Player will know it is a movie.

10. You should now be able to view movies on the MP4 when you go to the movie icon on the MP4 and choose that movie file to play. Congratulations, you should now be able to import movies to your Chinese MP4 player.



by: The Incomparable GRM

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.6.2007. | 17:12
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