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Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.8.2015. | 14:12

Due to the big success of this giveaway, we’ve decided to do another round! Enter below to win! If you’ve participated in the previous giveaway, then scroll down to see if you’re the winner!

Giveaway duration: 1st to 30rd of September, 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Right after the contest ends, we will pick a winner at random.

  • The winner’s name will be announced updated in this blog post.
  • We will contact you if you win, and confirm your address for shipment of the prize.
  • The shipping method used will be airmail from China with an shipping time of 1-4 weeks.
  • Note: normally there will be no custom charges, but if there are, then it’s your responsibility to pay it.


So what can the lucky winner expect? Well here is a full list of the contents for this comprehensive Gadget Gift Bag.

  • USB Fan
  • USB LED Light
  • 10 x NFC Sticker
  • MonkeyPod Tripod
  • Phone Holder + Stand
  • Waterproof Gadget Bag
  • 6 x Android Smart Keys
  • LED USB Charging Cable
  • Waterproof Mini LED Torch
  • Car Sticker with M. Bros design
  • Car Sticker with Pacman design
  • Waterproof Phone Bag + Running Strap

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flexible phone holder usb led light led usb cable monkey spider gorilla pod usb fan

===================== OLD Giveaway Below=======================

This month’s it’s the golden opportunity to will a bag full of cool gadgets. The bag itself is made from waterproof material (perfect for this summer!) with 25 awesome items inside. See below a selection of what you can expect. Enter now, the more tasks you complete, the higher the chance of winning.

Giveaway duration: 1st of August – 31st of August.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.8.2015. | 14:12
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  1. Kayley August 4, 01:03

    The Xiaomi fitness band would be a nice addition to a bag like this.

  2. Hamid Mehmood (@arzodil) August 4, 18:59

    so manu usefull items..great giveaway

  3. Kari Wagoner August 5, 10:14

    A selfie stick would be a great addition

  4. Mikey DeGraw August 5, 20:05

    Great prize. Some ear buds would be handy too

  5. Leigh J. August 5, 20:19

    The waterproof bag is a fabulous item! My family could really use that!

  6. Leigh J. August 5, 20:24

    LED mood light looks cool! awesome giveaway!

  7. Linda Meranda August 5, 20:26

    Great Goody Bag & giveaway. Everything would be useful. Thanks!

  8. Rhonda Best August 5, 20:34

    Add more things that glow.

  9. Lori Bahn August 5, 20:42

    The waterproof phone bag would be great being i’m in the water a lot ..Thanks so much for a great giveaway

  10. Susan Campbell August 5, 21:14

    How about a chromecast!

  11. sandra August 5, 21:59

    add a phone case/wallet

  12. Mindi Eden August 5, 22:30

    An ergonomic wrist protector would fit right in!

  13. Cheryl Montgomery August 5, 23:13

    I love gadgets especially if I win them for free.

  14. Gabrielle August 6, 01:46

    I think adding a portable power bank would be a super idea.

  15. Susan P. August 6, 01:49

    I would add a gift card.

  16. Dorothea Taylor August 6, 03:53

    Great giveaway.. Would love them all

  17. Tammy Iler August 6, 04:48

    I think this product is awesone

  18. James Mash August 6, 09:18

    Wow, some great suggestions on items for the gift bag. Thanks everyone and keep them coming.

    We are thinking of making another gift-bag at the end of the Summer so all this great feedback really helps.

  19. Kiera M. August 6, 22:41

    Maybe a camera would be cool

  20. Damian Bike August 7, 07:34

    LED ear buds would be good. Gadget heaven.

  21. Jamie Murphy August 8, 00:14

    All of these would be so cool!!

  22. Karen Nadeau August 8, 02:04

    I love the gadgets you have if you wanted to you could add some headphones.

  23. melaniedsg August 8, 07:55

    How about a solar power battery recharger?

  24. Marta August 8, 17:39

    A clip on mini microphone would be a nice addition

  25. Alison Gibb August 8, 23:36

    This goody bag does not need anything. It is very generous and the gadgets are so cool. If I have to say anything that would make this bag better…I would say headphones. Thank you so much!!

  26. Luka August 9, 02:06

    Awesome giveaway! 🙂 Bag of goodies!

  27. Hilary August 9, 12:49

    Technology these days is such an important tool. this is a great webiste

  28. Nalini Sarma August 10, 22:00

    Great giveaway, Good for me. Thanks for this chance. I hope to win this time.

  29. Sohair August 11, 00:47

    Just perfect Maybe more electronic gadgets

  30. Sandy Weinstein August 11, 03:00

    lots of neat things, to use, when studying or want hands free

  31. SamLin August 11, 09:01

    Thanks Sohair, what electronic gadgets are you thinking of? Looking forward to your valuable feedback.

  32. SamLin August 11, 09:02

    Thanks for the feedback. We noted down the headphones suggestion. Will definitely consider this in the next gadget bag.

  33. SamLin August 11, 09:04

    Awesome, will take the mini microphone into account for the next gadget bag.

  34. SamLin August 11, 09:05

    Awesome idea. Very suitable for the summer. Let’s see if we can add that in our next gadget gift bag.

  35. rosannepm August 15, 22:54

    It could use one of those portable gadgets to keep in your purse to recharge your phone.

  36. Shawna August 17, 05:58

    A Mulit-Port USB Car Charger would be useful! I love this Gadget Gift Bag!

  37. James Mash August 17, 09:01

    That’s a great suggestion, actually we just got one of those in stock, but it was too late to add to this gift bag. It even has Quick Charge 2.0 and VoltIQ so it can charge things really fast. Check it out here Multi port Car Charger

  38. James Mash August 17, 09:05

    I think you’re right, however there are so many to choose from. A compact one with a torch built in could be a good option.

  39. Novel August 17, 10:23

    useful! thank you! 🙂

  40. Novel August 17, 10:25

    earphone would be nice actually 🙂

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