How Smart Is A Smart Plug?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.8.2015. | 15:20

We live in the age when everything is getting smart (hopefully, everyone as well). We have smartphones, smart watches, smart headsets, smart keys and even smart tooth brushes. Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant devices in your homes are getting smart and making our lives incredibly easier, and a smart plug is a perfect example of that.

This small modest gadget may just be the gateway into the Internet of Things, and more and more big names in the industry are starting their home automation projects specifically from the simple plug.

So, what’s in it for you? Or, more specifically, what can YOU do with a smart plug?

Unless part of a specific home automation system, most smart plugs work in combination with an IOS or Android app.

The basic idea is that any device you plug in the smart way will then be controlled through an app on your phone.


Lots of people find the idea of a smart plug comforting in terms of safety. If you are one of those people who often forget to turn off the coffee pot or unplug the iron, now you won’t have to go through the whole working day wondering “what if”. You will simply turn off the plug from the app on your phone and have your peace of mind back in a matter of seconds.




Wi-Fi Smart Socket, power consumption control


Some smart plugs give you better control of energy consumption. They allow you to see individual data for each appliance as well as compare them to more energy-efficient models (through an app or a website) and see how much you could be saving with an upgrade.

Others incorporate energy consumption as more subtle hints. Depending on ho much energy you are using, they may change colour (with “red” typically signaling over-consumption), instantly alerting you if you should take action.




KanKun Wireless Plug, app for IOS and Android

Say, you know you will be home in 10 minutes and you know it will take your airconditioning unit around the same time to cool down the house. Why waste any time when you can get the cool air flowing and have a nice environment waiting for you when you get home. From your smartphone, you will be able to turn on the aircon as you are approaching the house with a few simple taps.

The best example of that is lighting. Say you are coming home late from the office (and who isn’t these days), and you know you will be greeted by a dark driveway or a pitch-black hall. You will then make your way to the light switch knocking against furniture and kicking your cat. With a smart plug, none of that will have to happen. You can simply tap on the light switch on your smartphone when you are about to drive in or are turning the key in the lock.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.8.2015. | 15:20
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