More Than 1 Million Minutes Of Rare Historical Footage Now On YouTube

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.7.2015. | 14:13

Do you have plans this weekend?

If there is nothing particular on your mind, you might enjoy a simple day indoors watching the latest additions to YouTube video collection.

Associated Press in collaboration with British Movietone have uploaded footage on the channel that covers some of the most important historic events over the last 120 years.

AP footage

All in all, you will get access to more than 550, 000 videos spread between two channels with some of the most time-changing footage.

What is it that you will be able to see?

The videos include events like the 1906 earthquake in San Fransisco, “Tank Man” on Tiananmen Square, the bombing of Pearl Harbour and more. Not all of the uploaded content is of devastating nature, and you will also find videos relating to fashion, sports, food and technological innovation. For your convenience, the videos have been arranged according to category, like “Accidents And Natural Disasters”, “Crime”, “Iconic Moments In History”, “Fashion And Beauty”, “Science”, “International Politics” and even “Weird And Wacky”. Our exploration of the channel started with the last category (understandably) – and here are a few examples of what you should expect.

Having all of these videos in public access is surely an unprecedented event that will make a great contribution to available encyclopedic data. Students, researchers and other interested parties will now be able to watch key moments in history unfold right in front of their eyes on the world’s most popular video sharing network.

The event has been dubbed “the largest upload of historic news content” – and the title seems completely justified.

So get some popcorn, settle in and have an exciting journey through history!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.7.2015. | 14:13
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  1. Marucok July 25, 14:59

    Wow! This very interesting.
    Now I have to prepare my video downloader to suck them all 🙂

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