How To Apply A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.7.2015. | 17:55

As our phone screens get bigger and fancier, the costs of fixing them are getting higher – and so is the need to protect them from potential damage.

Tempered glass screen protectors have proved a good to protect our smartphone and other screens from damage, and come with shatterproof and scratch-proof qualities.

In this quick and simple guide, we will walk you through the process of installing a tempered glass screen protector onto your phone.

There are two ways a tempered glass screen protector can be applied.

Dry Mounting


  • Quick application
  • Fast and easy peel-off


  • Dust can be a problem
  • Possible air bubbles
  • Before You Start

First, make sure the screen protector you have is the right fit for your smartphone model. There are lots of screen protectors out there that have been made specifically a particular brand and screen size, like the ones below.


Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 6 Plus

  1. Thoroughly clean your phone’s screen. Make sure there are no dust particles on the screen or around it. Dust can cause the protector not to stick to the screen and you may have to re-apply it. Some screen protectors will have the necessary cleaning materials in the package, so do check for them before getting started.
  2. After your smartphone’s screen has been properly cleaned, take out the screen protector. Peel off the protective film.
  3. Place the screen protector on the phone carefully, making sure it is placed correctly on the screen and is not shifted to either side.
  4. If you notice bubbles forming under the cover, use a squeezer or, if you don’t have one, just your fingers to drive the bubbles towards the edges of the screen until they disappear.
  5. Peel of the top adhesive film of the screen protector and enjoy a clear view of your shielded display.

Wet Mounting


  • Smaller chance of air bubbles
  • Resistant to peeling
  • Clearer view of the display


  • Longer application process

Before You Start:

With wet mounting, you will need to spray your screen with liquid before applying the protector. Once again, you may find the liquid included in the package when purchasing the screen protector. You can also inquire at the store, if your screen protector comes with it or if it is possible to purchase it separately.

Alternatively, you can use alcohol for the same task.

  1. Use the liquid to clean the screen softly with a piece of cloth.
  2. Remove the top protective film and spray the liquid onto the front and back of the tempered glass screen protector
  3. Place the protector onto the screen, making sure it is perfectly positioned.
  4. Use the squeezer or your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles, like with wet mounting.
  5. Leave the screen to dry for at least half an hour. Hold off on putting your smartphone in the case for a minimum of 4 hours, since the wet mounting of the screen protector.

There you have it. Your tempered glass screen protector is applied and ready to keep your phone safe.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.7.2015. | 17:55
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