5 Selfie Accessories For The Perfect Shot

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 21:27

Love taking selfies? Why not do it better! From a selfie-drone to a clip-on camera, these 5 simple accessories will get your pics more likes than ever.

It’s probably time to admit that a “selfie” has moved on from a passing fashion fad and has become our generation’s very own cultural phenomenon. It is thus perfectly reasonable to treat it as such and make the best out of the selfie-taking experience.

So, instead of shamefully hiding in the corner, pull out that selfie stick, set up your mini-tripod or send off your selfie-taking drone into the sky. The time is now.

Selfie stick

Almost a classic today, a selfie stick is a simple and effective way to get more than just your beautiful eyes into the shot. Besides, using it is fun in itself, especially if you are surrounded by a group of friends, intent on spoiling the picture.

We’ve done a whole separate post on how to improve your pictures with a selfie stick, so feel free to check it out here.


Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick


Compared to the selfie stick, this gadget is relatively new on the market. However, it’s small, flexible and fun – all the right components to make it a favourite with selfie-takers worldwide. A MonkeyPod is a flexible mini-tripod for your camera or smartphone. Just get the right mount, attach your photo-taking device, and you will be able to take pictures from the most astonishing angles possible.

Here’s a bit more on the MonkeyPod: Take Remarkable Photos With MonkeyPod.


Flexible Mini Tripod MonkeyPod

Selfie Drone

Mini selfie drones like Nixie or more serious photo taking flying machines like Hexo Plus or Air Dog are meant for those with an adventurous streak. If your selfies tend to be more about action than beauty, these tools will let you create digital memories worthy of your extreme achievements. True, they may be on a more of an expensive side to be considered accessories, but the fun and excitement you’ll get from a having a flying camera may well be worth the price.

Learn more about selfie drones here.

Nixie Selfie Drone

Source: rediff.com

Remote Shutter

A quick and easy way to take a selfie (or any other picture, for that matter) is to use a remote shutter/trigger. These small key-chain looking gadgets let you take photos without touching the camera. They are easy to use, and all you’ll need is to download an app for the shutter model you are using and you’ll be set to start “selfieing”. Do note that certain remote shutter gadgets are designed to work with a specific camera or smartphone model, so don’t forget to check for compatibility.


Remote Shutter For Android + Bluetooth Speaker


Clip-On Camera

Narrative shook the world of wearables last year by introducing its mini-clip-on camera. The idea is simple: you clip it onto your clothes, a bike or a hat – and the mini device then takes photos every 30 seconds – basically, recording your whole day.

If you are often made fun of for “taking pictures of everything”, you may now assign the clip-on to do it.

Yes, this would not technically be a selfie – but when you are turning yourself into a photographic machine to record every minute of your life – there’s lots of “self” involved.


Source: npr.org


Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 21:27
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