Microsoft Will Let You Teach Your Computer How To Think

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 18:22

In one of its recent blog posts, Microsoft announced that it’s building a machine learning tool, that may allow absolutely anyone to teach computers a skill, even without proper data analysis and computer science expertise.

Yes, we do rely on computers quite a lot to get ourselves educated, study, explore the world, read, communicate and more. However, it can also work the other way around – machines have to learn from us as well – so that they can understand us better and make our lives even easier. It may sound quite selfish, but it’s thanks to machine learning that we have spam-free (more or less) email boxes and our smartphones seem to know more about us than our closest friends.

Back to Microsoft, though. The company has been involved in machine learning projects for quite a while. However, until recently, only the qualified few were privileged enough to play classroom with computers – and today it’s not enough.

Businesses, organizations and individuals want computers to learn more and faster, thus creating a fast-growing demand for machine learning, for which there are simply not enough professionals.

With Azure Machine Learning, a cloud-based toolkit allowing scientists to develop machine learning models, Microsoft is already tackling this problem. It lets a broader group of developers, those without a machine learning background, contribute to the teaching.

But the company has more on its mind.

Patrice Simard, one of the leading engineers with Microsoft Research, points out “no one has really built a machine learning tool for the layman” – and this is exactly what the company is up to. The technology is still young, but if all goes well, you may soon be able to share your knowledge with the PC first hand.

So, if you are an expert in your field eager to contribute to the “rise of the machines”, keep following Microsoft for updates.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 18:22
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  1. P.Nordling July 18, 06:39

    Yes it would be great to know some more about this computers

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