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It’s been a busy week at Chinavasion.

Not only did we get the last of the orders out before the Chinese New Year But we also saw the return of our very popular Wrist Band Portable Battery which comes in both white and black.


Looking forward to next week we just want to remind you that while we will continue to process orders right through the Chinese New Year break items won’t be shipped out between February 12 and February 17 as the couriers will be also taking their annual break at this time.

So without further ado lets look at some of the more common questions we saw this week.

I am a reseller how can I find out when your stock updates?

It is in fact possible to be updated the very second something disappears and reappears on our shelves thanks to our Stock Update RSS Feed and Stock Update Twitter Feed.

RSS simply stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. Essentially, in plain English, RSS works as a way to keep people notified about developments at a website without that person having to go to the website.

Twitter is a website that allows its users to communicate with each other in short bursts of 140 characters or less. The website was first set up so that people could ask and answer the question ‘what are you doing’.

Twitter quickly changed into a way to share links and keep updated on changes to websites and blogs and now people use it a lot like they would use a RSS feed.

For a more detailed look at these two tools and a guide on how to make them work for you check out our article Getting Chinavasion Stock Updates by Email or RSS.

How can I find out about your special prices?

While Chinavasion prices are always the lowest out there we do occasionally put things on special to get you even more profits.

There are two main ways to keep up with the low, low prices at Chinavasion:

The first is to keep an eye on our Specials page.

But, if you want to get the details from the specials page, plus all the super secret price cuts, by subscribing to our Chinavasion Specials Twitter Feed.

Which shipping option should I choose?

Selecting the right shipping option for everybody is a little like selecting an ice cream flavor that everybody likes. It’s just not going to happen. But we can make some general suggestions based on previous experiences.

If you are an eBay dropshipper Select a courier company. Sure it will be a little bit more expensive but it will get to your customer faster and with less likelyhood of damage, and that is the most important thing.

If you are in a country which has tough import laws: Select either EMS (if it is available) or airmail. Items will be cleared faster, even if they don’t travel as fast and you and your customers will be happy.

If you want items sent as cheaply possible: Select airmail. Before you select this option though ask yourself if you are in any hurry to get the item. If you are select EMS/courier. If you’re not then go ahead and select airmail.

Whenever you see the term ‘Free Shipping’ online it will be sent by airmail and it will take a long time to get to its destination.

You’ve always got the latest gadgets. What products should I watch out for in the near future?

Do you like NES Games? Do you like the D-Pad? Do you like QWERTY keyboards? Do we have the phone for you…..


Product Review


Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition [CVLS-DV20]

Have you ever been out on a ride/run/drive and seen/done something so incredible that nobody will believe you when you tell them about it? Thankfully those days are numbered with the Extreme Sports Camera – All Metal Hercules Edition.

  • Can I use this in my bedroom to record some extreme indoor sports?

    Yes you may. You will need to leave the lights in the bedroom since this camera does not have a IR function.

  • Does the camera film in color or black and white?

    The helmet camera records in color.

  • Does it record sound too?

    The helmet camera has a built-in microphone however this has a limited range.
  • When I play recorded footage on my PC or laptop, I can hear myself and the surrounding with noise… is there a way to lose that noise?

    It’s not really possible to lose the background noise because the microphone is always active. We think it’s important to capture all the action, including the noise!
  • I want to buy this camera but I don’t know what the video looks like, do you have sample footage of this camera?
    Yes we do, you can download raw footage of a test shot that we took by copying and pasting this link into your browser .

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 12.2.2010. | 10:00
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