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Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 09:54

Have you ever seen a photo or video on the web that was taken from a truly remarkable angle and wondered how it came to be? Well, now you may have the answer.

The flexible camera tripod, also known as MonkeyPod, is meant to add a new exciting element to your photo taking.

What is a MonkeyPod?

With the name being a bit of a giveaway here, you may already know that the MonkeyPod is a mini tripod with great (monkey-like) flexibility.

MonkeyPodIt is compact, lightweight, bendable and wrappable – and thus can be attached to absolutely anything. You can then mount your camera on top and let it take shots from angles that would not have been impossible before.

There are surely a great number of ways to use the tripod and you can let your creative spirit take over and be your guide.

Here are just a few situations where a MonkeyPod could come in especially handy.

Extreme sports

If you are thinking about pulling off any kind of sports trick, shooting it from a different angle may offer a unique perspective and view of how it’s done. The MonkeyPod can be fitted onto any surface, low or high up, and, as a result, give you a truly special image or video.


Stadium events, concerts and other

Whenever you attend a happening where there is a lot going on and lots of people eager to witness it, taking quality pictures can be a problem.

Thanks to its special design, a MonkeyPod can be easily wrapped around the railing or bench and safely take pictures from its hiding spot.




Nature Hikes

Taking pictures of nature may be one of the most relaxing pastimes, but that does not make it any less changing. Like with many static shots, the right angle here can make a difference between a generic photo and a unique masterpiece. With the MonkeyPod, you can attach your camera to a tree, place it low on the ground or even hang it from a branch.

MonkeyPod Smartphone


Special shooting

If you have a blog or an online store, you are probably always on the lookout for enticing content. The MonkeyPod will help you surprise your readers or customers with photos or videos taken from a different angle. Place the tripod on the rotating surface, put it on the floor or even attach it to a ceiling – the possibilities are endless.



How to attach your camera or smartphone to the MonkeyPod

Attaching your camera to the MonkeyPod is a piece of cake. All you will need is a ¼ mount adapter – and basically any pocket-sized action (or other) camera can be fixed onto the top of the tripod.

Smartphones can also be used with the MonkeyPod. You will need a phone mount, similar to the one used in selfie sticks. Just screw the phone mount onto the tripod and attach your smartphone.

You can find the MonkeyPod and smartphone mount in the Cool Gadgets Gift Bag, available on our site.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2015. | 09:54
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