Volkswagen Announces A New Rideable

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2015. | 21:49

If you feel that there hasn’t been too much action on the rideable market recent, you’re in luck. Volkwagen’s CEO Martin Winterkorn has announced the company’s plans to release a foldable electric scooter – Volkswagen’s own version of Segway.

Here’s what we know so far.

The new rideable will be called the Volks-Roller, will weigh about 24 pounds and offer a range of 12 miles. The three-wheeled electric scooter is also promised to be much less costly than its competitors, coming at around 1000 Euros.


Just like many rideables before it, Volks-Roller is meant to address the so-called “last mile” problem: letting commuters get from their homes to the closest transportation hubs (like bus stops or train stations), that would take them the rest of the way.

However, don’t get too excited just yet. There is no official release date set for the new machine and there may be quite a bit of a wait ahead.

Volkswagen’s new rideable is not the first in the series of attempts to tackle the same issue, with electric transportation devices.

Here’s a brief review.

You have the electric scooter. This one looks exactly like your childhood toy, but is way faster, more powerful and doesn’t demand any physical effort on your part.

In order to fit in well with the rest of your route, most models are foldable, lightweight and, in the end, quite compact.

One of the biggest selling points of the electric scooter is that you won’t have to learn how to ride it from scratch and there is minimal balancing required. It will also give you more load capacity, compared to a number of smaller rideables.


Folding Electric Scooter, 37 km/h


Uniwheels and dualwheels are some of the most compact models available. Once you master them, they are also easy to maneuver in a busy urban environment and come with the extra benefit of making you look cool, as you roar past traffic and pedestrians. Learning how to ride a uniwheel may seem challenging at first. However, they do come with a set of training wheel and a strap to help you get started. If you are looking into the idea, feel free to check our guide on how to master one in How Difficult Is It To Ride A Electric Unicycle.


Electric Unicylce, 20 km/h


Dualwheels are easier to handle and would also ask you for less balance when riding. You may also feel more confident when using the device for the first time or would like something a tad more conventional that a uni-wheel.


Dualwheel, 10 km/h


Segway-like devices are probably the most traditional of the modern rideables. The original Segway PT was released in 2001 and has since then been followed by a large selection of similar-looking devices. These days, you even have off-road Segways, helping you get around a rough terrain.


Off-Road PEV, 18 km/h


Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.7.2015. | 21:49
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